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  1. Very good point. That was actually my first thought when I stepped into the lich missions and enemies were almost Lvl 100. However, the people I met who refused to kill their lich were all MR20+ 🤣 Just thought about it, since most planet have boss node, maybe the lich can chill out there until it is really really mad (from us killing thralls). If they want to attempt the kill first, then go over to the boss node. Otherwise if the meter fills up, the lich will have a chance to randomly appear in the owned planet area. Kind of how like when we assassinate a boss, the stalker gets mad at us. But this time its lich rage meter. ? It does not solve the level/damage/hp issue, but at least it would be a way to mitigate the (relatively forced) encounters for them if they play solo. That way, if they play public instead, other people can help kill the lich that spawns anyway.
  2. Ignoring the trolling, so far it seems like reasons for not killing lich include things like "Press X to die" Not wanting to level him up pointlessly Want to collecting all murmurs before attempting to kill Attempting a kill resets the lich rage meter, and they do not have the right/known mods yet (?) But for me and some other players I met, reasons to kill include Not having any problem doing it alone Test luck Let other people have a turn at their lich (for those who play public) So one of my proposals was that the lich level up scaling could be changed to trigger on the discovery of a correct requiem mod. That way the fight gets more intense through 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3, and won't affect people who don't want to pointlessly level him up and waste easier attempts. This would solve the murmur collecting issue and levelling issue, but perhaps the level scaling would be a abit stronger, since it would be 1>2>3>4 instead of 5. As for "press x to die", well, I don't really think that is a big issue. We have 4 revives per mission now, plus 2 from arcanes. Throwback to 4 revives PER DAY. At most just let people revive without the affinity penalty? Its not like farming affinity on lich nodes is the most efficient thing to do anyway, imo 😣 As for the rage meter, heck I think each attempt/fail should charge the rage meter LOL. I would be mad if someone tried to stab me. I recall another user suggesting a "neutralizing mod" somewhere on the forums here that basically yeets the lich out of the mission instead of attempting a kill. Thats also not bad. But it is dependant on the lich owner attempting to stab it anyway. Allowing other users to stab the lich with it would result in even more intense trolling (intentionally yetting liches out of the mission). 😄Only played 3 liches so far, mostly solo until I'm ready to kill. I'm sure there are better solutions out there.
  3. I agree with you too on this. Just throw us into bleedout or something 😞 Makes sense, and I strongly agree about the not wanting to pointlessly level it up. Maybe make the lich level up when you discover a correct requiem? So basically 3 levels, but they scale abit harder... That way it will be strongest when you're ready to kill it. Maybe abit too strong. I don't know 🤣 Tbh, I would be perfectly content with the current system if murmur farming was less tedious. Either that, or make levelling the lich up rewarding. ~rewardsss~ Here's to hoping some good stuff comes out of this 😄
  4. Oh, my bad then I always understood it was "random" spawns when you play on the controlled area. I still don't think its a good reason to not admit they don't want to kill it but ok 🙁
  5. Well long story short, some people completely refuse to kill their own lich when it spawns, for whatever reason. If its for the murmur farming thing, then I understand but if theres no enemies, then what's the point? So many missions already I played that theres always that one guy out of four who refuses (literally just claiming that the lich is not theirs) to kill the lich. And then other people can't spawn their lich because one guy won't try to kill it. Maybe they think attempts take charges out of the requiem mods or something (they DON'T) but seriously, there has to be a work around this asides abort mission. Maybe can like, make the lich specifically target for the person who spawned it, like stalker does? I don't know, give a better reason to kill it or something. Or just make it say the player name in the transmission thingy? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think some people are just trolling. So many wasted sector runs because of this. 😪 Is there any other good reason to not kill the lich when it spawns, asides saving time and murmur farming??
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