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  1. EXALTED IRONBRIDE Is still incredibly weak. For some unholy reason an Exalted weapon of a Necramech has worse stats than Prisma Veritux. It needs huge buffs, and i mean crazy buffs.
  2. The point is not about Necramechs being 40lvl, the point is that you need to waste 5 formas to get there.
  3. There is both good things and bad things about it, and all depends on how acolytes will spawn and how much (and if its 100% chance) steel essence will they drop. With acolytes and daily sp alerts people will no longer need to wait atleast an hour to get the "real" drops, which i personally find incredibly annoying. With the new changes you can drop on a mission and get some guarantieed steel essence + X ammount from a possible acolyte in like 3 minutes or less, without that buffer time of one hour, which imo is nice. BUT It ALL depends on how steel essence will drop from acolyte
  4. Considering incoming Kuva Lich/kingpin system improvements i would really suggest increasing the functionality for converted liches. Right now converted liches are used only for trading (slavetrade? i thought tenno were the good guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and as a helping hand whenever a player dies. Their usefullnes usually depends on which Converted Lich actually shows up. Some elemental + weapon lich combos are clearly way better with dealing with enemies and actually helping but if a player has like 30 converted liches then its pure rng of who shows up. What i suggest is to mak
  5. that still wouldnt solve the problem. Some syndicates have specific sigil styles, you can clearly see a difference between New Loka's curved lines and Suda's kaleidoscope-like harsh lines which may not fit on some people styles.
  6. What do i mean by the "old arcane system"? Well, few million years ago you used arcanes by "putting" them inside of your syandana or your helmet making it "arcane". You could use these arcane effects only by wearing that helmet/syandana, which had a lot of problems in terms of micromanagement and limiting your fashion frame. Right now you can just pop the arcanes inside the warframe mod screen whenever you want. Amazing change. But, currently, the syndicate sigils and standing gain tied to them suffer from the same problems as the old arcane system. You need to wear
  7. 50 essences before 30minute sounds like a smeeta luck and not real droprates.
  8. I don't want an area with infinite updates and infinite content because it is unsustainable by the devs. Lets add a 4th eidelon/orb, and when people start speedruning it lets add a 5th! and then 6th! What else? Events! Lets add a rotation of 5 different events! What when people get all the loot from the events? Dead content? NO, lets add another 5 events! Just do the content, kill the bosses, get the loot, get the arcanes/weapons/stuff/decos and leave. All i want from Vallis is 3rd orb and i consider Vallis a good, finished open world. The fact that you cant spent 1000 hour
  9. Cetus is basically finished content. Vallis will be too after third orb. What else do you want? Infinite updates to every open world? Like, why i cant just be done with some of the content available? Why cant just something end, why everything has to be infinite?
  10. ou, sorry, i havent noticed that. Anyway i agree with you. I never used Deny for pure damage purpouse as stripping armor and allowing your own stolen weapons to kill brings way better results. For 75 energy spent Deny needs some additional functionality, besides its weak cc
  11. There is a round 2 of xaku changes incoming. and some more, check this:
  12. I could bet that DE is going to reveal prime, its accessories and its weapons on friday's devstream.
  13. If that player really AFKs for some time then he doesnt get any rewards. If that player tries to cheat by just doing nothing and moving around to cheat around the anti-afk system you can report him for it.
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