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  1. With incoming new syndicate armors and emotes i really think it would be great to improve the operator fashion and the syndicate shops by adding some operator cosmetics to them. An example of how this would look is already in the game in the form of arbitration eye and ear cosmetics for operators in the style of Arbiters of Hexis. Also this can go further than simple eye/mouth/ear cosmetics. You could have syndicate hairstyles to chose from. Naturelike style with flowers and vines from Newloka, Corpuslike (Vala Glarios hair?) from Perrin Sequence, edgy emo hair from Red Veil etc. Uni
  2. i think the second time is way easier and faster because you know what to do, you know how to mod weapons and warframes, you know where good stuff is instead of bumbling around looking at wiki when people started the game for the first time.
  3. Step ephemeras like Blazing, Seeding, Freezing, Shocking are barely visible on your character and its effects only show up when your character is running. What i suggest to improve all Step ephemeras is to make their effects to be visible constantly, even when your character is just standing around doing nothing like its presented in the preview screen. I think that would vastly improve Step ephemeras and would encourage more people to use them.
  4. These topics about disliking the frame before it actually releases and before we min max her and make helminth combos are quite pointless.
  5. That Volnus looks amazing
  6. Nightwave "Eliminator" challenge (complete 0/3 exterminate missions) does not increase when you play Exterminate missions during Void Storms on Railjack.
  7. Thats amazing, can't wait for more progress.
  8. Within a week you should get a responce in your warframe inbox wether your emblem was aproved or not and if it was, its going to be added to the game in the next hotfix/patch.
  9. Xaku very good yes nuff said But to specify Xaku is the best box breaker = the best medalion farmer in the game (amazing before new prime launches, or soon when DE adds syndicate armors) Xaku scales ad infinitum, xaku can be tanky due to cc in the form of disarms and dodges, xaku can deal huge dmg using autoaim guns and xaku's aesthetic is quite unique.
  10. Video: https://streamable.com/baskme GPU: GTX 960M (newest nvidia drivers installed) CPU: i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz Happens regardless of my graphical options and on every map tileset where the siphon is present. Tested both on deffered rendering and without it. For me it only happens after i destroy atleast 1 braid, i havent noticed these black boxes with a non damaged siphon. I havent been doing Kuva Siphons for a while (i think last time i did them back when Steel Path launched and they were fine) so im not really sure if that is purely a newest hotfix/update problem.
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