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  1. Use Fluctus with its infinite punchthrough to destroy the crystals. You dont really need to move much and you can clear an entire phase in like 6 seconds.
  2. This is exactly what they did, they balanced it for 50% clan activity.
  3. One could consider your shadow clan with 4 people as a dead clan not worthy of a trophy if so many people stopped playing. It can be the same situation with ghost clans.
  4. You forget that most of the Ghost Clans are actually solo clans. 40k high score for gold would make it literally IMPOSSIBLE for most of the ghost clans to get gold.
  5. did it tho? Limbo made both space and earth a joke. Mesa made everyone in space just stand around. Back in Scarlet Spear we optimized the fun out of it with our gear.
  6. they stack with other boosters, they dont stack with themselves. If you get 2 affinity blessings, you are only refreshing their duration.
  7. archmelee is incredibly "old" and bare in terms of mods, only having the mere basic stuff. Even archguns got some interesting mods to use, but archmelee doesnt. Simple buff to some old mods like furor is a must, yes. But even with that archmelee NEEDS new mods to even come close to the archguns. Archguns, suprisingly, are in a somewhat good place right now, but archmelee is dragged on 10 meters behind ithem.
  8. EXALTED IRONBRIDE Is still incredibly weak. For some unholy reason an Exalted weapon of a Necramech has worse stats than Prisma Veritux. It needs huge buffs, and i mean crazy buffs.
  9. The point is not about Necramechs being 40lvl, the point is that you need to waste 5 formas to get there.
  10. There is both good things and bad things about it, and all depends on how acolytes will spawn and how much (and if its 100% chance) steel essence will they drop. With acolytes and daily sp alerts people will no longer need to wait atleast an hour to get the "real" drops, which i personally find incredibly annoying. With the new changes you can drop on a mission and get some guarantieed steel essence + X ammount from a possible acolyte in like 3 minutes or less, without that buffer time of one hour, which imo is nice. BUT It ALL depends on how steel essence will drop from acolyte
  11. Considering incoming Kuva Lich/kingpin system improvements i would really suggest increasing the functionality for converted liches. Right now converted liches are used only for trading (slavetrade? i thought tenno were the good guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and as a helping hand whenever a player dies. Their usefullnes usually depends on which Converted Lich actually shows up. Some elemental + weapon lich combos are clearly way better with dealing with enemies and actually helping but if a player has like 30 converted liches then its pure rng of who shows up. What i suggest is to mak
  12. Video: https://streamable.com/baskme GPU: GTX 960M (newest nvidia drivers installed) CPU: i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz Happens regardless of my graphical options and on every map tileset where the siphon is present. Tested both on deffered rendering and without it. For me it only happens after i destroy atleast 1 braid, i havent noticed these black boxes with a non damaged siphon. I havent been doing Kuva Siphons for a while (i think last time i did them back when Steel Path launched and they were fine) so im not really sure if that is purely a newest hotfix/update problem.
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