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  1. We should color operator's skin using color palettes we have for warframes.
  2. DE gave rewards to anyone who logged in during tennocon day, because some people havent got theirs from twitch. For some it means duplicate items = free slots
  3. arent we kinda doing something similar with Helminth system?
  4. Some people havent got their twitch drop, so DE decided to give every drop to anyone who logged in during tennocon day. For some that meant getting duplicate items. You just got a weapon slot for free. Its like getting one additional chicken mcnugget in the box for free. Don't worry, nobody is going to ban you. And if you have any problems just contact support.
  5. i got it today, a day after making a support ticket and giving DE my email and twitch ID.
  6. You didnt need to buy tennocon digital ticket to have access to tennocon relay. Tennocon digital ticket gives you access to Baro with his entire inventory for few days. Everyone had access to tennocon relay. You didnt need to sit the ENTIRE tennocon in the tennocon relay, only the Tennolive segment, which is like 1h+ only. and what was stopping you from keeping the game open inside the relay?
  7. limbo,frost for solo defences. Vauban for interceptions. Its not as hard if enemies can't shoot you.
  8. We need voice packs https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/lotus-packs/packs/LotusPackD.mp3
  9. while spamming turrets with 20x damage multipliers and millions of grenades with infinite energy from her 4th is incredibly fun i dont think she can rival a properly built Saryn. half of the saryns in pubs is not good tho Actually i dont like vaubans and khoras in def missions depending on the tileset. Vauban's Vortex, Khora's Strangledome ragdolls enemies in weird places so after the wave is almost finished you have to run around and search for squished enemies in weird places due to wonky ragdoll. Annoying. Protea doesnt have these problems with her autoaim cannons and slash grenades. I see no real reason for people to be annoyed about her. (unless you CC enemies with your grenades at their spawn making it slower for everyone else) But.... Ignore these people, stats speak for themselves.
  10. Since enemies were oneshotted by almost everone a normal 100+lvl mode would still be a joke. Increasing enemy level to 200 or more would resolve some of the enemy hp problems but wouldnt fix enemy dmg scalling I already could see these potential forum posts about DE forcing a tanking meta or posts from people that dont know how to jump crying about getting oneshotted. bla bla bla So keeping enemy damage at a manageable levels but increasing their hp/armor/shields seems like the wisest choice.
  11. Everything can be cheesed. But dont cry when there is a small bump on the road. Warframe has hundreds of skill and weapon combos to make everything a breeze. First of all, get someone from recruiting chat/clan or someone who wants to help, dont spam matchmaking because you wont find anything there, most of the people already got Grednel ten years ago. Secondly, use toxic damage. From what i remember augment mods still work, so use augment for saryn's 1st to deal tons of toxic damage. Use low range limbo to protect stuff and kill nullifiers before they come near it. And its done, EZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz Like someone else said - it is a skill, knowledge and gear check.
  12. Looks better than i imagined, great work!
  13. the problem in here is that you are comparing a slash heavy attack build to a weak weapon with a wrong status. Try for example toxic kuva nukor with some crit bonuses on these corpus, its better and faster than most of the melees
  14. Oh noe! My weaker weapon with a weaker status is actually weaker than my weapon with a better build! C'mon, Acceltra isnt even that good in the situation, but that doesnt mean that all guns are bad. Just put toxic on your weapons, why are you even bothering with these 250% shields
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