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  1. This method is quite advanced and not really for new players, but if you have the means its one of the fastest ones in my opinion. Also i just doesnt want to basically copypaste the answers above so i'll propose different methods. Get affinity boost or/and affinity blessing from MR30 players on relays, get smeeta kavat with charm, get naramon. One great thing about this method is that you don't depend on other players and you can do this any time solo. If melee: Use Night Equinox in a Grineer Exterminate mission (preferably on Sedna, but it can be whatever you want). Make sure you have enough energy (use energize, high efficiency or energy pads). Put enemies to sleep and kill them or use finishers. Make sure your weapon can kill them with one shot, if not then use finishers. Try to put everyone to sleep before attacking. The affinity booster will stack with affinity blessing with naramon passive with potential smeeta charm and 500% bonus of stealth kills resulting in 5k-10k~ affinity for a simple lancer. If you play it well and dont cause any alarms you should easily go from 0-30 in 1 mission. This also greately helps with focus farming, so make sure your Equinox is wearing a lens of some kind. Being a high MR helps here because your starting mod capacity depends on MR, which helps in modding your weapon when you just start leveling it up. If loud primary/secondary: Before Deimos this method worked only with melees but with helminth you can level up loud primaries and secondaries in that way too. ( you could use a hush type mod too, but some weapontypes (like shotguns) just dont have it) Subsume Equinox, Get Banshee, Put Equinox's skill into Banshee. Why Banshee? Banshee has a special passive, she makes all your weapons quiet. Do the exact same thing as with melees, but this time you can change up Naramon for Zenurik for better energy economy. 0-30 in one ~5minute mission basically guaranteed. Great for leveling Tenet weapons. If Warframe: Get Gauss, Subsume Gauss. Put Gauss' skill in warframe of your choosing. Mod for efficiency and range, ignore duration. Get into Sanctuary or Hydron or something similar. Spam Thermal Sunder. 100% affinity goes to warframe. Thermal Sunder will easily kill enemies up to 40-50 level, after that it gets tricky. Easy to level up warframes which have little to none offensive skills and depend on weapons or other players to level up.
  2. there was one before the patch, i remember linking it in the chat.
  3. After killing our first lich we got "Old Blood Emblem/sigil" as a token for our first victory against our nemesis. Before Sisters of Parvos were lauched a simillar emblem for sisters was linkable in chat for some time, but it is not currently in game and after killing our Sister we get no emblem of any kind. Was that emblem/sigil mistakenly lost between patches or removed intentionally? I wish we got it back for continuity sake.
  4. Bash lab sounds like something modular related. Maybe it is the lab for all future modular things? Modular archwing? Anyway it is really weird for a new lab only for Yareli, which herself couldve just been in Ventkids shop or in Tenno lab. There has to be something more, something new there in the future.
  5. You must prove you are the superior Hildryn. There can be only one.
  6. You dont get a weapon if you convert a sister or lich because said sister or lich is still using that weapon. You can summon that lich later with on call mechanic, use it as a railjack crewmember ot sell it. You get ephemeras no matter if you kill or convert, but you get weapons only if you kill.
  7. i hope you moved them to arbitration shop, because polluting arbitration droptable in missions is not a good idea
  8. With incoming new syndicate armors and emotes i really think it would be great to improve the operator fashion and the syndicate shops by adding some operator cosmetics to them. An example of how this would look is already in the game in the form of arbitration eye and ear cosmetics for operators in the style of Arbiters of Hexis. Also this can go further than simple eye/mouth/ear cosmetics. You could have syndicate hairstyles to chose from. Naturelike style with flowers and vines from Newloka, Corpuslike (Vala Glarios hair?) from Perrin Sequence, edgy emo hair from Red Veil etc. Unique syndicate helmets and maybe even entire operator armor sets would be a great additions to the game and would help ground our operators in the world with a lot of different, unique armor/cosmetic styles.
  9. i think the second time is way easier and faster because you know what to do, you know how to mod weapons and warframes, you know where good stuff is instead of bumbling around looking at wiki when people started the game for the first time.
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