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  1. Only 9?! After getting both my mechs to have 6 forma , let alone all the exalted weapons and my RJ being at 9,9,9,10, I'm done with Forma! It's such a time sink and I put a lot of time into my RJ as many people have said, just so I have to forma it to get up to the power level I once had. It's too much. I loved the old RJ system as it did feel like playing around with a ships components as someone in this thread mentioned. I started playing WF on day one of the PS4 and stuck with it through the early days, not playing any other PS4 games as the whole space ninja theme connected with me. Pl
  2. Was deploying while in game. Then got message saying it was deployed and i should restart it. Now all i get is this message: "Unable to connect. Please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed" Restarted PS5 and modem nothing (as i read somewhere that his has happened before to other people and that should solve it). PS5 is plugged directly into modem. Still seeing this message.... Also highlighted game icon on PS5 menu and clicked, 'Check for update' and then I get 'The game or app you have installed is the latest version' hmmmm......
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