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  1. Got this as well...dunno whats going on...
  2. I used to be ok with how they have been doing things, and they truly have a great game worth playing, but their business and resource management compared to alot of other companies is lacking...the only thing I thought DE was doing better till this last few years was communicating with the player base....but that is slowly changing too. So now, do we continue on with the way things are? Or do we start asking for a bit of efficiency on content and bug managment? Honestly I would rather see the next 2 years spent on quality of life changes, and repairing the base game, coupled with makeing
  3. Its a sad but very true statement, there's actually a scp case for it that makes me believe that suffering of others leads to stability....fast food, walmart, and just about any corporate entity uses the suffering of either their consumer or their workforce to ensure their success...in other words, someone's always getting the S#&$ end of the stick, whether they are aware of it or not lol
  4. The way the consoles are all on one page for the update, and the no cert thing, means they just want to see all the complaints and moaning not only increasing but all in one place... after all human suffering leads to profit! 😆
  5. There is a type of cert that can be pushed same day... You are right though...they cannot add content in this type of cert, but they can still change what is currently in the game after a big update...shown after one of No mans skys big updates, they were able to do a patch a day for a week to make sure most bugs went splat lol. https://sonyreconsidered.com/ps4-devs-gaining-same-day-certification-cb9cc51f0c68
  6. So far i can't find anything saying no mans sky or hello games were acquired by someone else....and yes, just like warframe original, it was fairly rough...however, no mans sky and hello games literally gave their players what they wanted over the course of 3 years and has been icing for the last year with no paid content at all and no microtransactions. Warframe is approaching 10 years and can't seem to listen to what their long term players want. And not only that, but no mans sky is also cross play and can manage to drop hotfixes on any platform at any time...I think when hello games d
  7. Yeah...I know the dev team is around 300+...Google is great for that knowledge...but also a game like no mans sky can take their game, that had at launch not even a freaking character model back in 2016, to having freighters, multiplayer, customizable characters, and expanding the entire universe twice i think...and they only have 26 employees....I do not want to hear about how they are 2 separate games, cause I get that, but one game has so much more depth to it while the other has layer and layers of forgotten code that needs to be reworked....and they have 274+ more employees to do it with.
  8. This is whats getting me....I see so many other companies that can accomplish it and im like...warframe when?
  9. Not really a fan of the whole process going forward...if you are gonna put all the consoles effectively on the same patch or update, then go all the way and do cross save at lease among consoles...I swear if dauntless can make it look easy, you guys should be able to pull it off...I get that the switch is still not caught up in tennogen, so I would seriously make an effort to get switch to where it needs to be cosmetically, cause I see no other reason for lack of cross save at least
  10. Everything works on normal star chart to a degree....hydroid suffers at end game content when you need more than just 80% armor strip, which used to be 100%, and he has no damage mitigation except his 3, which kills so slowly its laughable...and majority of mod slots have to be used for augments and natural talent to the point its frustrating...hes a gun holder with cc...and all his cc makes it harder to hit his enemies, which would not be bad if they all scaled, but that would be reasonably ridiculous. Make his 1 do 100% armor strip again and he would be close to endgame worthy, but not quite
  11. Hydroid would like to talk to someone about becoming relevant again.... No wait...let's just get rid of hydroid since he might be the least played warframe, least fun, least usefull...good God its like DE has a filter that omits hydroids name being shown on their screens and beeped from videos....maybe even censored from being searched on their computers....man, all 8 of us hydroid players might as well pray to cthulu to get him a rework...I mean not even helminth can help him at all...
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