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  1. Everything works on normal star chart to a degree....hydroid suffers at end game content when you need more than just 80% armor strip, which used to be 100%, and he has no damage mitigation except his 3, which kills so slowly its laughable...and majority of mod slots have to be used for augments and natural talent to the point its frustrating...hes a gun holder with cc...and all his cc makes it harder to hit his enemies, which would not be bad if they all scaled, but that would be reasonably ridiculous. Make his 1 do 100% armor strip again and he would be close to endgame worthy, but not quite
  2. Hydroid would like to talk to someone about becoming relevant again.... No wait...let's just get rid of hydroid since he might be the least played warframe, least fun, least usefull...good God its like DE has a filter that omits hydroids name being shown on their screens and beeped from videos....maybe even censored from being searched on their computers....man, all 8 of us hydroid players might as well pray to cthulu to get him a rework...I mean not even helminth can help him at all...
  3. Love hydroid, his skins, and a chunk of his abilities, but he has become lacking in recent years going from a caster frame to a crowd controlling only frame...at least where I see him, he needs really good aoe weapons to make him endgame playable in a fun way. So im just throwing my useless ideas out there to see if something makes sense. Passive: its fun when useing certain weapons that have slams in their combos, but otherwise really not worth it. My idea would be to take away tidal surge, minimize it as far as the distance, and make it his new dodge animation with a purpose, like limbo
  4. Thank you so much for getting the main update out this week, fixed my sly vulpy pet makeing my ps4 pro over heat, and xaku actually wrecks now
  5. Yeah...at one point I had to hop on heads of greneer to see past them...literally endless enemies spawning non stop...couldent see the floor of hydron at all, wish I took video lol....still hopeing the sly vulpy pet gets fixed, cause its shutting down my ps4 from over heating because of its special mods
  6. Oh, I have a bug on hydron at the moment that keeps the team in mission after mission end, infinitely spawns enemies with no hud and continues till host leaves party by app shutdown
  7. Agreed on all points, at least my point of view....especially hydroid...they need to make the augment out right armor strip, rather than corrosive...would put him back on my most loved frame list again...since the status change hes a very sad octopus
  8. Yeah, all my games get updates next week...cept this one i suppose...ff14, ghost of tsushima, I get the new quest vr...warframe is my default "pick up and play for 15 mins" game, and updates to xaku are what put me in the vast untime for the last month, cause pc got all the updates to make them workable, and they are just kinda a joke on consoles...only thing they got going for them is the dodge animation and looks...usability is very meh...
  9. You are correct, the damage is increased on the enemy under accused...tested...weird and totally worth using an aoe weapon with it to clear mobs...kinda wish if grasp of loch shot accused enemies that they would explode with aoe void damage
  10. So, I know my ps4 pro is about 2 years old, but every time I get the evasion proc from either the death mod or the kill mod, the visual effect is really disorienting, and it makes the ps4 overheat to the point of shut down....some times the over heat doesent cause a shut down, but gives the warning screen. I know this may be a hardware issue primarily...but it only happens on warframe, and only with the sly vulpy pet, and only with either of the 2 main mods Note, ps4 is in an open space, no dust in or out, near the ac unit...
  11. I am kinda shocked how no mans sky can get patched within days of releasing new content, but it takes a month for warframe...knowing that DE has 200 employees and hello games has 26... dont get me wrong, love warframe so much, just feel like the whole "many hands make light work" thing should apply but apparently doesn't here. Edit: on a note for fixes...is the sly vulpy pet getting fixed to where my ps4 pro doesent sound like a jet engine when ever its special effects take place...so far my ps4 has shut down from over heating when useing sly vulpy special mods about 4 times. And yes, it
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