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  1. I did the first vault last night and the code on the door only displayed one symbol? Maybe next time I could get the other 3 please. I didn't do anymore vaults after that run. Everything else on the open world seem to be working fine. I still love it and enjoy the content everyday.
  2. I was doing bounties on Deimos last nite and twice in a the mission failed for no reason. These were low level bounties where I was protecting a certain point on the map. I was only a few minutes into the mission and loids says I have killed over 50% of the enemies when I have only killed a handful and then a few seconds after that the mission just failed. So from that point on I stop doing any missions on Deimos. I was only after mother tokens
  3. Vaults failing before Lloyd displays vault unlock code on door. This happened to us 4 times in a row. These happened in T2 and T3 vaults. The whole vault thing is still very clichy at best. But still loving the whole experience ok, well done DE thank you so much
  4. I have also found that you can't guild your infested pet at max rank and all necessary resources needed to go through this process. Son just says you need to spend more time together and the message says your pet needs to max rank and not been guilded before
  5. Yeah hello, I have noticed that the alt fire on the new secondary weapon doesn't work. This is on console PS4.
  6. What's the idea of using entrati standing to guild infested pets? You have it as 5000 standing points to have a pet guided which seems like a lot. Maybe we can use credits instead of standing?
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