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  1. I only had a problem at first with Fortune, then I decided to clear my board cache, and problem solved. I use RTX 2070 s
  2. DirectX12 does not work well with the new graphics engine. But it works very well in classic mode, increasing about 100fps my computer . 🙂
  3. I end up feeling a better performance using the classic graphics engine with Directx12, when using the new graphics engine, I feel the little bottlenecks again
  4. I was almost not using such an amazing feature. I was testing and every time I was with great lag, and crashes when I entered a mission, I decided to delete every cache in: C:ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache The first time I loaded the orbital and Deimos, I still felt small crashes, only the cache being saved, right after I went to Deimos. After saving the cache of these maps, now it's running totally well, with a gain of more than 80fps
  5. After using directx12, I went on all open maps to test, my friends said that when going in fortune the game closed, I did the test and the same happened to me. I did not have this problem on earth or in deimos, only in fortune. The problem occurs when using Archwing Dashing several times. I hope the right image, I don't know how to post images here 😄 https://imgur.com/GAufTht
  6. the door of my ship remained open infinitely, and still making sound as if it was open and closing
  7. If just like me you can't feel the difference just looking one by one, I recommend you to open two of the images in the browser and alternate between the tabs.
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