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  1. Today I went to open the game and noticed something green at the bottom of the ship, I thought that the infested room had a very strong odor, because I haven't washed it in a long time, but I think it is something related to dx12, because when I switched to 11 it came back to normal. It's not a bug that gets in the way or is always appearing, just wanted to put it on record. 🙂 Warframe: Dx12 Graphics Engine: Classic PC: Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2070 s 24GB RAM Windows: Version: 19043 Windows 10 pro - 64 bit
  2. Is there an expected date for the dex weapon event?
  3. Well, I was able to solve it, either by lowering the monitor's refresh rate from 144 to 120 or by making a small change in the refresh rate to bring it up to 145 and keeping the game at 144. What I am feeling is that the game, is not working well, when you set it to the same refresh rate as the monitor, that is when the G-sync technology is active. I hope it is fixed, because I do not know if it is reliable to change the refresh rate of the monitor.
  4. I'm all day trying everything to fix it, my Warframe is not working well with G-sync. I checked and everything is fine, reinstalled several times, and this bug only happens to me with Warframe downloaded from Steam. It turns out that when I disable V-sync inside the game, in order to use G-sync, the screen starts giving fragments, cuts. I didn't want to be forced to play with V-sync active, and I have a better technology that is the G-sync.
  5. I decided to restart the game to see how it was, I found the forest beautiful, walking around the map a bit out of curiosity. I noticed that a part of the map, seemed to be with some problems, unfortunately I do not know how to embed a video, but here the Link
  6. I think about a rework, but I am not smart enough to be able to create a post with attributes or statistics, I just want Warframe to one day have all weapons usable in all modes, because there are many types of weapons that are not used often because they do not do enough damage. I believe it would be very nice, to be able to choose the type of weapon based on taste, and not be forced to follow stronger weapon targets. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  7. I believe that just as there was a change in the Glaives, I believe that it would be interesting also changes in other weapons, for example a style little used in my way of seeing, that are only used for certain games, are the Kunai weapons, I do not know if this really is the category that defines these weapons, but I believe it would be interesting a change.
  8. In the past I used to use Gsync without any problems, but for some time now my screen has been having tearing problems, I have tried everything to see if it was a problem with the cable or the driver, and so far I haven't found a solution. I'm glad to have found out, that it was enough to leave Vertical Sync in automatic that the problem was solved. On the card, is enabled for the game to set the state of Vsync, according to the choices of the game, then I find it strange that by disabling, is as if there were a BUG, and leaving in automatic, the problem is solved.
  9. There is still a problem in arrow, where the door does not open, forcing the person to have to abort the mission. The solution that I have had to do so far? I use my Necramech before I even finish the first stage with the door open, causing the door not to close, so I can finish the mission.
  10. I remember they used to have some prizes to redeem via Twitch prime, now I don't see these prizes anymore 😥 Is there a reason?
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