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  1. Does this also include the riven for pellet shotguns? Months ago you said those weapons could not be touched, the impact would have been too negative. Just asking.
  2. IGN: --Noizer-- MR: 26 Country: Italy Time Played: 5600+ hours (inGame) Current Clan: S.K.Y.N.E.T. II Previus Clan: S.K.Y.N.E.T. Year started: 2013 Language: Italian / English Discord: NOIZER#4005 Interested in joining: Quasar/ Quasar Storm Relevant event scores as a player. Gate Crash - 30th False Profit - 12th About me: Chill, friendly.I had a break for a year, I came back just before Plains of Eidolon and since then I play regularly. I'm looking for a well-organized clan, I've always known yours and I've thought about making the request to join. Thanks in advance, I hope to meet you in game.
  3. I'm sorry to see these new content without interesting rewards. Yes, the battle with the Orb is nice but it does not make sense to go there for more than a few times, I think you guys should work first of all on the rewards.
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