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  1. I am still hoping they revisit it and replace Rhino's Roar. One way or another, this ability shouldn't have been the one for subsume. It should've been Charge.
  2. Remove Roar from Helminth and update/buff/QoL old Warframes or ones that have 1-2 bad skills.
  3. That's the most perplexing thing to me. These abilities go against what the Helminth was supposed to be, or, what it intended to follow for the abilities Subsumed. Furthermore, when they released the Workshop, everyone knew, including the devs, Roar was going to be the most subsumed by a long shot even before the system was released. The nerf did absolutely nothing to it and is still the "overwhelming" choice judging by the chart they showed. Which is exactly what they tried to avoid in the first place. What is surprising to me as well is how some ask to revert the nerfs of said
  4. They should have changed those abilities outright imo. Looking at the Devstream chart they showed of most infused and low and behold it was Roar being double the infuse of Warcry despite the nerf. Imo, they should remove and replace Roar and Warcry with a different ability, these abilities should not have even been considered to being the Subsumed ones and clearly go against the no "Signature" abilities blueprint they had planned for the Helminth. Should've been Charge.
  5. Just remove Roar and Eclipse. Damage buffing abilities shouldn't have been available. Especially since they are so representative of the respective Warframe's kit. I think it was an oversight by them I hope they fix soon.
  6. Thanks for the update. When is the first Helminth changes going to happen?
  7. Remove Roar from Helminth. Other than that I'm open to nerfs, buffs, reworks or whatever.
  8. Well, now that you made it public and post it in here the answer is yes.
  9. They also added Rhino's Roar. It should've been Charge.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Just look at that one post someone made picking on DE because the forums didn't show "Warframe" at the top left.
  11. I hope so. Roar needs to be removed from the Helminth. Considering the chart they showed on the Devstream - Rhino being the most subsumed by about 20-30% over Oberon which is 2nd, then double the infuse/usage of Warcry (2nd most used) there's a big chance it will be removed and replaced with Rhino Charge. And who knows how the chart is looking like right now. Feel free to pitchfork me now.
  12. While I see your point in Frost and Nekros. The ones I mentioned aren't far behind. I'm going to be honest, I've yet to see a Valkyr since Deimos released and I do a variety of activities. All I seen are frames that are not Valkyr with Warcry. Protea, yes I've seen what she's capable of with her turret and grouping abilities like Larva and Ensnare. But if you ask me, Dispensary is her best ability. Literal fountain of Energy, you can flat out ignore efficiency with this ability. Universal health orbs and ammo and pretty close to infinite energy with Energize for you and your team. No
  13. Yet, they gave us Rhino's Roar, Valkyr's Warcry and Protea's Dispenser. And honestly the nerf did nothing to them and the charts absolutely showed it. I didn't even think twice when subsuming Valkyr or Protea since I have literally zero reason to play them anymore since they gave away their best ability. And to some people Rhino is on the same boat too, since you can just put Roar on Revenant for example, or any literally any frame. Volt, Wisp, Revenant, Saryn, Mesa are prime examples.
  14. Absolutely not. At that point they might as well delete all the Warframes and pool all their abilities into Helminth. Again, that's a terrible idea. Let everyone run around with Spores/Whipclaw/Peacemakers, Roar/Vex Armor, Desecrate/Iron Skin/Mesmer Skin and Wisp Motes. Yeah no.
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