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  1. I think I see what the issue is... what the OP probably doesn't know, is how Specters prioritize weapons. Every Tenno Specter will never use melee weapons so long as they have any ammunition in stock for the equipped primary and sidearm. They only switch to melee once they're completely out of ammo. As Exalted Blade is a melee weapon (admittedly one capable of launching flying arcs of energy,) the usage priority is lower than what Mesa's Regulators (an exalted sidearm) or Ivara's Artemis Bow (an exalted primary) would have in comparison. So, yeah, Excalibur Umbra's "sentience"? Just another Specter.
  2. I said the same thing, but the OP's main gripe is that Excalibur Umbra can't/won't use his exalted blade.
  3. Excalibur Umbra's "sentience" isn't that easily disabled. That said, a way to have it hold position, like a specter, would be more likely.
  4. That Mastery Rank field MIGHT add around 20 bytes to each individual riven's data profile. True, it adds up when you're talking a few million players, but even for a single player with the current 120 riven cap filled, that amounts to 2.4 kilobytes at most. The majority of the database impact comes from the sheer variety each riven represents. Even a single companion weapon riven has hundreds, if not thousands, of possible permutations, not all of them useful. And that database impact only goes up as the number of possible weapons for a given riven type (rifle, shotgun, pistol, melee, companion, etc.) goes up.
  5. The minimum MR for trading rivens is also the lowest MR for rivens period, which aligns with the lowest MR syndicate weapons (which happen to have said MR as a trade requirement.)
  6. Honestly, armor can be negated by more than just abilities, if you plan ahead. Ferrite Armor: Corrosive damage, Corrosive Projection, Puncture damage, Toxin damage, Shattering Impact. Alloy Armor: Corrosive damage, Corrosive Projection, Radiation damage, Puncture damage, Cold damage, Shattering Impact. In both cases, the listed sources either strip armor or deal additional damage to that armor type. Further, Slash procs completely ignore armor. Adding armor stripping to Warframes that specialize in crowd control is, in my opinion, a Good Idea, since that frees up mod space on my weapons for additional damage or utility mods.
  7. The Fire Fright augment causes enemies set on fire by Fire Blast to panic, keeping them occupied with other things for a period of time, and causes the stationary ring of fire to have a chance to set enemies on fire.
  8. Yeah, Ember Prime isn't much better, for the record. She can take a single rocket, but Clem help you if a randomly convenient goon or squadmate doesn't take the next with their face. The passive sort of makes sense, but Prime or not, Ember is far too squishy for the long haul, even with squadmates willing to physically stand between you and the enemy, and her abilities don't contribute effectively. Even with Firequake, World on Fire can only extend so far and it has that (in my opinion) ridiculous range reduction over time effect. Serially, even if she could cover the largest Void/Derelict chambers, World on Fire isn't all that effective against crowds beyond maybe Mars (without Firequake), and next-to-useless against any Corpus node where Nullifiers spawn.
  9. That's a trick question... each of the weapons you have a riven for is good. A tip, however... for the Gram and Soma, go for their Prime versions. The Gram Prime and Soma Prime are superior to their counterparts, doubly so for Gram Prime. The Cerata, much like other glaive-type melees, isn't used very often, for the record. This is why glaive rivens have a fairly high disposition.
  10. A trick for that is to grab Ivara and use her Prowl to net the finishers. And you're not the only one with the riven challenge bug. I've got a kitgun riven that says "Kill one enemy, mine one ore/gem and catch one fish within 30 seconds alone". Done that twice and it's failed to register.
  11. For one, the Thrasher isn't an ancient. It dies quicker because of the lack of innate heal pulses, and it's tendency to charge into combat far ahead of any healer support. And it wouldn't be the first Infested with no armor. In fact... Out of all Infested enemies... Jordas, both Juggernaught variants, Mutalist Alad V, Hemocyte, and Phorid are the only armored ones by default. All other Infested enemies gain armor by being exposed to the Swarm MOA's swarm clouds. Of the Infested, only Mutalist Alad V has shields. That aside, I have noticed the Thrasher's tendency to miss even despite hitting me.
  12. Generally, the Zealots hitting mine wind up losing. Either because of other enemies nailing them, or the random syndicate specter I deployed nailing them in the face, usually the Corrupted Lancer or Clem. And before you say otherwise, Clem IS a syndicate. Everyone appreciates his can-do attitude and tendency to get things done... except Vay Hek or Vor, but who cares what they think?
  13. This sounds nice, but it has the risk of turning massively overpowered very quickly, which would piss of a LOT of players. So, I would suggest this instead: +20 Armor per enemy set on fire (decays at 5 armor per second after 15 seconds of not setting an enemy on fire, max of +200 armor) and +5HP/s regen per enemy set on fire (max +25HP/s regen, duration: 15 seconds, refresh on enemy set on fire by Ember/Prime.) This way, you have a reason to burn all the things, and gives Ember/Prime greater survivability in high-traffic missions, like Survival and Defection missions.
  14. That would be pretty much impossible to pull off. After a set timeframe of inactivity (or running against a wall) you're ineligible for rewards from a mission and, outside of defense missions, you would be unable to remain within Shared Affinity range (something like 50 meters iirc for ground/open world missions) without being at the controls. The 75% share that goes to your weapons is split between every weapon you brought to the mission, including archgun (if equipped.)
  15. All affinity gained is split 75/25. 75% goes to your weapons (both yours and companion's if present) and 25% to your Warframe, doesn't matter how it's gained.
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