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  1. Max Efficiency/Duration Ivara with Infiltrate pretty much trivializes anything stealth-related for me. I am aware there're other options, but Prowl is just about a case of set it and forget it. Between than and a silenced Corinth, I went through the stealth challenge with no problems.
  2. This IS an interlude type "season", so it makes some sense (to me, anyway) that the rewards don't include major cosmetics (ie: syandanas/armor).
  3. Most of them may as well be reskins. The main exceptions are the Sentient units (Lua) and Corpus Amalgams (Jupiter). Even the Kuva divisions are just mildly buffed Grineer forces with new toys. (I mean, yeah, facing thirty Kohm-armed Kuva Lancers solo isn't something to sneeze at, but they're still using Lancer AI in the end.)
  4. There are ups and downs to every Warframe, so the final choice is up to you in the end. Valkyr, once you hit Themisto on Jupiter, is a berserker and more than capable at taking hits, and dishing them out. Just keep in mind, no Warframe is a universal mission runner. (Despite being an avid Valkyr/Prime user, I always bring Ivara to Spy missions and Frost Prime to Defense and Interception missions.) The challenging ones to acquire are Ash, since his parts drop from Manics, and Oberon, whose parts drop from Eximus units.
  5. Wisp's Reservoirs are a good safety net in exterminates and the like, but having Vitality or Primed/Vigor on her never hurts.
  6. Mm... yet no reversing the loot nerf or the weapon nerfing. Honestly here, we need NO nerfing of weapons, despite what many salt-happy haters say about "x weapon is too powerful! nerf it!" What we need is proper balancing of weapons and enemies.
  7. Then your computer tech, in my opinion, isn't doing their job properly. Think of your hard drive as a library, and each program as an annoying little brat who checks out the fifteen-part book series on toothbrushes then returns them to the wrong shelves. Defragmenting your hard drive is equal to a librarian going back and sorting the books into the correct order on the right shelf for the next time they're wanted. In the case of an SSD, optimizing is the equivalent. (Do NOT defragment an SSD, it won't end well.)
  8. Uh, when was the last time you had your hard drives defragged and/or SSDs optimized?
  9. Maybe it is, but I wouldn't be surprised if some people use it anyway.
  10. Even so, it's less-likely to plaster a fresh-off-the-foundry stealth Frame in one shot if you screw up.
  11. One of the better places to rank stealth Frames is Helene, a Grineer Defense node on Saturn. If you're bringing hard-hitting weapons (Opticor/Vandal, Lex/Prime, etc.) then you could push your luck and try the Kuva Survival on the Kuva Fortress (assuming you have access, of course.)
  12. Generally speaking, more than a few clan players (myself among them) use clan decor as a way to dump excessive amounts of certain resources. Unfortunately, there is still no way to reliably expend hundreds of thousands of Nano Spores. I mean, literally, I have upwards of 4 million last check, and there are other players with well into nine figures by this point.
  13. Hence the addition of Edit 2. It's still irritating, of course.
  14. I would've traded my extras off to my clanmates, but they all have it by now, and I'm not about to try for a migraine attempting to sell copies in Trade chat.
  15. Bit of both, honestly. Either way, what else do you propose to do with your 53rd copy of Adaptation/Rolling Guard/[insert rare mod here]?
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