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  1. There's only one mod for sidearms with reduced fire rate, Creeping Bullseye (+200% Critical Chance, -20% Fire Rate), so they would have had to have boosted the magazine and damage as far as possible with that, or stacked a fire rate reduction riven on top of it. Unsure how Protea's 4 would affect Azimuth.
  2. I still break out the Sobek. That syndicate mod for it turns it into status spam in short order. The biggest problem I've had with it is the reload time.
  3. Negative. Once used, a Forma cannot be recovered/reused. That said, as you (presumably) used a normal Forma, they're pretty common relic drops and comparably inexpensive (if time-consuming) to manufacture.
  4. That particular is called Void Beam. It's also just the beginning of what you can do.
  5. The only "gun+melee" combos possible currently involve glaive-type melees and single-gun sidearms (Glaive Prime + Bronco Prime, for example.) I don't think DE will add any other combinations, though something like sword and gun (Dakra Prime + Kulstar for example) would be nice.
  6. Just do the sensible thing... trade in those Braton prime stocks for Ducats. Baro's Ducat Exchange doesn't care if you cash in one stock, or 1,000.
  7. Sad but true. Even without the Void Storm effects of the Tempestarii quest, visual effect spam can get extreme when playing at max graphics due to weapons like the Simulor and Vauban's Bastille/Vortex or Photon Strike abilities, to name a couple.
  8. Could be a bug in the game, per usual... did you complete the mission after acquiring the fragments, or just drop out? (Just covering bases here.)
  9. There's also a version difference issue. Barring the occasions where a major update is deployed on all platforms simultaneously, consoles are usually two to three versions behind PC at the very least.
  10. The Shellfish Shuffle shall become the Warframe Community dance!
  11. ...Y'know... you just gave me a twisted idea that I'm going to have to try out later. Thanks. :3
  12. That or you're in an Eximus Stronghold sortie against the Grineer, Corrupted or Infested, since all three love to spam energy leech units.
  13. Can also combine with Aviator to reduce damage taken (between casts of 3) while airborne, but that's more of a niche thing.
  14. If you open a message with one or more items attached, they're automatically put into your inventory. That said, if you can't close the mail normally, ALT+F4 will force-close Warframe.
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