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  1. The skill must be active (red), and additional energy from the orbs is an over-time restoration. It also doesn't work if channeling an ability.
  2. I dunno... I was thinking of things that'd work differently... like Quiver on Atlas (Cloak Rumblers, anyone?) and Mind Control on Valkyr, since minion... maybe Warcry to Rhino (that audio's gonna break some brains, i think...) Maybe Pull on Nidus.
  3. That sounds like a latency issue to me. There's an option in the settings somewhere that lets you see your FPS and latency between you and host (won't appear if you're the host, obviously.) The help alleviate this, there's a couple mods... Loyal Companion (+90% Bleedout link at max) and Medi-Pet Kit (+72% Bleedout timer, +6 HP/s regen). Throw those on your pet and you'll have easily over 2 minutes to revive a downed pet. For the record, Loyal Companion's Bleedout timer adjustment depends on your own bleedout timer. The longer yours is, the greater its' effect.
  4. Not accurate. You can get multiple Prime parts from a Fissure, if you run an endless Fissure (Defense, Excavation, Survival, Interception). With endless Fissures you get your pick of Prime parts every rotation.
  5. All gifted weapons and Warframes come with their own slot and potato. So no inventory worries.
  6. At least they provided a solution, unintuitive or not. There are a number of MMOs that don't have a solution beyond digging into the configuration files or, in a few cases I've run into, didn't even have that much available.
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