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  1. NinjaKitsune56

    Account Trade Restricted

    First off, do yourself a favor and change the email/password attached to the account. Usually a "Suspicious Activity" flag occurs because someone managed to access your account while you were away, and changing those is just a Good Idea. Second, send in another support ticket after you've done so. Third, patience... unfortunately, that's all I can say, because it can take time for DE Support to get back to you. I mean, I've been here before, after someone hijacked my old email... I changed the email and password, then enabled Two-Factor Authentication on top of it. Had to wait three days for the trade restriction to go away, but... better safe than sorry. Also, if you haven't already done so, leave whatever clan your character may be in.
  2. NinjaKitsune56

    My laptop does not have enough space

    Yeah... but I've had bad experiences with laptops in the past, so I'm a firm supporter of desktop rigs. Easier to upgrade, and keep cool.
  3. NinjaKitsune56

    My laptop does not have enough space

    Shouldn't do it? True. Does that stop anyone? Not really, no.
  4. NinjaKitsune56

    Do the devs really listen to their community?

    You want a challenge? This is a game with nearing 40 Warframes and literally hundreds of weapons. Cheese tactics are all over the place. Creating a "challenge" for account for all of that is impossible, unless you want them to put a map-wide Nullifier bubble in the game. That challenge enough for you?
  5. NinjaKitsune56

    My laptop does not have enough space

    Generally speaking, while laptops can be used for gaming, desktop PCs work best. (Among other things, they're far easier to upgrade, due to not needing a soldering gun to attach parts.)
  6. NinjaKitsune56

    Syndicate Mercenary Improvement Ideas

    They actually allowed that previously, iirc, but they removed it since nobody was actually using it.
  7. NinjaKitsune56

    What is end-game?

    That's a great question. Truthfully, I don't care what people call endgame... maybe when we get raids that call for 12 players working together? Who knows?
  8. NinjaKitsune56

    Syndicate Mercenary Improvement Ideas

    I usually leave mine camped at start while I run the mission. Generally they wind up killed or stuck somewhere otherwise.
  9. NinjaKitsune56

    Syndicate Mercenary Improvement Ideas

    Hm... maybe Elite Kavats on New Loka's kill team? Not like it's an impossibility, and holds on the fact they pulled units from the Derelicts.
  10. NinjaKitsune56

    Volt Speed constant recasts need to be elminated

    Honestly, I think Speed needs to be a targeted ability... I don't know how many times I've tried backflipping out of Speed, only for it to be recast just as I've finished flipping. I don't see why Volt users think it's a good idea to bring him to Defense or Spy runs anyway. Volt has no stealth capacity to think of, and Discharge is more likely to trigger alarms than prevent it. Plus the shield needs to be cast four or five times to protect the target, as opposed to one or two for Snow Globe or Cataclysm.
  11. NinjaKitsune56

    Feels like DE swamped themselves

    Odonata/Prime and Amesha work best in atmo out of the lot. Elytron's Warhead deals massive knockback on anything it doesn't kill outright. (Used Warhead more than once to shuffle a Hemocyte away from the Plague Star boil.) And Itzal's useful for Vruush turret rivens.
  12. NinjaKitsune56

    Vauban - Th tech support

    Hm... despite not using Vauban myself, I admit... I haven't seen many in the field anymore. That said, let's poke at this skill rework you're imagining. 1. Turret... I can see this working, sort of. Instead of using just any old archgun, though, I would say something like a faster firing Grattler with reduced explosion radius. Damage depends on Power Strength. (Deals X damage plus a percentage bonus from Strength.) 2. Fortifications... - Panacea: I can see this happening. Not OP, seeing as you still run the risk of getting procs between pulses. - Float: Knockdown/Grab Immunity? Eh... maybe Grab immunity and high knockdown resist? Outright immunity can be abused if played just right. - Siphon: Very useful against Corpus, Corrupted and Sentients. Not so much against Infested/Grineer. - Shell: Hm... Maybe a 30% Armor bonus, plus half of Strength over 100%. (Like, if Strength = 140%, then Armor bonus is 50%.) Not really OP, given the massive number of enemies that throw around Toxin, Puncture and/or Radiation. 3. Eh... normal Bastille is pretty good, but I like what you have here. 4. Vortex... well... it's Vortex, need I say more?
  13. NinjaKitsune56

    Eidolons: Learning From Orb Mothers

    Give it time, and you too will have the unceasing stockpile that is millions of Nano Spores. (I'm currently sitting on 5 million.)
  14. NinjaKitsune56

    Opticor cheap-ish build?

    Not necessarily. While it doesn't affect the Opticor nearly as much as it would other weapons, it'll still throw any multishot beams off-target, which can be an issue during Eidolon hunts when taking out Synovia.
  15. NinjaKitsune56

    Opticor cheap-ish build?

    Sorry to say... there is no "cheapish" build for Opticor. Any riven for it is going to be expensive, and any non-riven build it still going to want a Catalyst and MINIMUM 4 forma. Mine is currently running Serration, Piercing Caliber, Hellfire, Stormbringer, Split Chamber, Speed Trigger, Primed Shred and High Voltage (for a little extra Status and boosting the radiation.) Took 5 Forma to get it that far (3 Vs, 2 dashes.)