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  1. Valkyr/Prime's talons are fairly weak, I admit. I've had better luck simply shredding the enemy with Dual Keres or Dual Raza, and not just because I've turned them into crit blenders with their rivens.
  2. The Seeking Talons augment would need a trade-off for that effect... say a 10% increase in energy cost, for example. Otherwise, they look pretty good to me.
  3. Yes, DE needs to fix their game properly. There are bugs in the game that date back to the game's launch (such as the door lock migration bug, which has a tendency of locking certain doors after a host migration.)
  4. Argon crystals drop from three sources in the Void: Lockers, Containers, and Argon Pegmantite (iirc.) So, yeah, it drops from lockers.
  5. Sounds like a good idea to me. Even with her own shields in excess of all but a top-end Railjack, Hildryn gets hit HARD the further up the scale you go.
  6. Hate to break it to you, but you have to research the Mk1 stuff to unlock Mk2 which is, in turn, required for Mk3.
  7. @ES-Flinter That's actually pretty standard for Orokin Towers, given the overly extravagant architecture and larger-than-life building philosophy they preferred. Compared to modern structures, they're well into what the Emporis Standards Committee would call a megatall skyscraper, which is any structure with a height in excess of 600 meters (1,969 feet.)
  8. The most-used combination is Corrosive/Heat. Both types, thanks to a recent patch, are capable of stripping the armor every Grineer is layered in while Heat deals additional damage to Flesh and Cloned Flesh once the armor is completely stripped.
  9. Cautious Shot, an Arbitration Honors mod. When fully maxed (10 ranks) it reduces self-inflicted damage by 99% and reduces per shot damage by 15%.
  10. I agree... the ADS fire mode shift remains awkward even with Quatz, when they had the idea to first implement it. On Kuva Quartakk, it remains my biggest issue with an otherwise steadfast status/crit rifle. Yeah, the fire rate's a bit slow on automatic, I admit, but that's what Primed/Shred is for.
  11. Hull (plus armor) works best. Even the strongest shield pretty much vanishes under concentrated fire. If you have enough armor, you can go into Veil Proxima with as little as 2,000 Hull.
  12. From what I've seen, most gunners would probably prefer something like the Photor or Carcinnox. While the house matters for damage output and fire rate, I'd say a Vidar Carcinnox if you can get it, since it outputs less heat per shot. Photor doesn't generate heat buildup, so house only affects fire rate and damage.
  13. No they're not... When you're running a Railjack mission, there are two damage groups. The original (gas, corrosive, slash, etc.) and Railjack (Plasma, Particle, Ionic, etc.) When using crewship weapons, Railjack weapons or have deployed outside, you're under the Railjack damage group, with all that entails. When you're not using crewship/Railjack weapons and are inside a ship or structure, you're using the original damage group. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. My new standard of a Nightwatch Napalm-loaded Corrosive modded Heat Kuva Ogris has turned many a boarding party into goo, ash, or gooey ash. Another good way to check... bring Helios and scan them. The space Grineer troops are all using Ferrite Armor/Cloned Flesh health/armor types, meaning they're vulnerable to the original damage group.
  14. My current policy involves two things (since no sidearm dumps out enough damage for it.) 1. Crit build Dual Keres. Slap the Sacrificial set on, follow with a 9/10 Primed Fury, add in Voltaic Strike and Virulent Scourge (for Corrosive damage,) then toss on Blood Rush. The end result, when coupled with the Mantis stance (w/e the name is,) can blender them at a decent pace, even on the highest nodes of Veil Proxima. 2. A recently-acquired Kuva Ogris, loaded it for Corrosive and Heat, slapped on Nightwatch Napalm, and let them all burn to the tune of a buttload of damage. A couple magazines (6 shells) can torch an entire boarding team. That said... before anyone tries claiming Corrosive doesn't work, I've paid attention to the enemies (having Helios Prime scan them works wonders.) When running Railjack missions, you have two damage groups. The original damage group (including Corrosive, Blast and Gas damage) and the Railjack damage group (Chem, Plasma, Particle, Ionic.) While you're aboard your Railjack, a crewship, or an objective structure, the original damage group applies. When you're in space, piloting the Railjack or using the Railjacks' flank guns, the Railjack damage group applies.
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