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  1. Really depends on the weapon and the build. I've got guns that only needed 2 or 3 forma for a good build. In fact, aside from the Kuva weapons, the only weapon that I can recall adding 5 forma to is my Opticor.
  2. Guns have exilus slots, ammo mutation mods are exilus mods. Coincidence? I think NOT!
  3. The fade is intended so one can actually see what they're shooting at when aiming down sights (or scopes.)
  4. The one exception to this is Infested, since none of them give a damn about their friends' proximity. This is due to the fact Mutalist MOAs offer field support simply by shooting the ground around you, as well as the AOE capability of Mutalist Ospreys (which does nothing to their friends) and the varied Ancient Healer eximus, which all provide benefits to their friends through simple proximity. With them, I just break out the Radiation/Viral weapons and start blasting everything that screeches at me. Which is everything on an Infested map.
  5. I admit, I went through about half the bloody star chart before even noticing the credit weapons in the Market back in 2013/2014. When I noticed them, the first gun to catch my eye was the Lex handgun. Poking around dug up the AkLex blueprint as well. Even now, the AkLex sits in my arsenal, getting dusted off now and then to put some lead in some faces. My first Prime weapon was the Lex Prime, which remains my most-used sidearm. When they finally released the AkLex Prime, I didn't want to send my long-standing Lex Prime to the foundry, so I built two more Lex Prime handguns just so I wouldn
  6. Once I get off my back-end and get to work, I'ma subsume my Nyx (since I have Nyx Prime as well) and give Mind Control to my Ivara Prime (since I never use Navigator.) Mind Control on a Prowl build Ivara? It'll last awhile.
  7. Only the Brokk skin (Fragor and Fragor Prime) and Manticore skin (Scindo and Scindo Prime) affect weapon stats in any way. No other skin applies such effects. Manticore Skin (Scindo/Prime): Damage +15%, Swing Speed -15% Brokk Skin (Fragor/Prime): Swing Speed +5%, Combo Duration -1 second
  8. If your Nidus is fresh (built or bought,) you can infect Nidus with the Helminth Cyst by going into the Infested room and sitting in the chair or by exposing him to an infected player during a mission (open world or otherwise.) Other Warframes can only acquire the cyst from infected Warframes during missions. In all cases, a mature cyst can be drained to breed a Helminth Charger in the incubator if you have a Kubrow Egg, at least one open slot, and an incubator core. Mature or not, the Cyst can be cured by going into the Infested room and sitting in the chair with an infected Warframe. Once
  9. Mirage + Simulor = RIP Warframe Yeah... I remember being on the wrong end of that mess... and yes, the Synoid/Simulor needs a proper rework. It has potential... unfortunately, that potential is currently in crashing everyone else's game.
  10. They each have their ups and downs. From someone who's used both (me,) they're both great against groups, they're both launcher weapons. Aside from that, the Morgha's alt-fire requires 5 primary-fire kills to charge and cannot fire on a partial charge. It has limited ammo, much like the other Entrati Arch-Guns and has a max mod capacity of 60 (with a Catalyst installed.) The Kuva Ayanga has a smaller magazine in comparison (33 vs 100,) but has the advantage of being a Lich weapon. I say "advantage" because every Lich weapon has an innate damage bonus inherited from the Lich you took i
  11. True... if I had it. As I don't, I use a couple energy pies.
  12. Because even with a Death Orb in the next room, the principle of the riven is do not be seen. Sure, I could take the chance, but I'd rather not. I drop a couple energy pies, wait for them to empty out, then use Prowl. Problem solved.
  13. True... I dunno how many times I've overheard one dojo architect or another *@##$ about the dojo system's dated setup. It's one of the main reasons I won't bother with making a clan of my own, as the dojo would never get done.
  14. Oxomoco works for this challenge. It's my go-to of choice when that particular shows up on a riven. Just swap to Ivara Prime, load the riven on the relevant weapon type, silence my guns. Go in, drop a couple energy pies, Prowl and start killin'. No muss, no fuss, no problem. Mind, my Ivara Prime's been specifically built for maximum duration/efficiency in that regard, so the 840some energy lasts for-bloody-ever assuming no energy leeches or electric procs.
  15. Just because they should, doesn't mean they will.
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