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  1. We were told long before Kubrow existed as pets that the Grineer and Corpus would have Kubrow units in their military.
  2. I find it amusing that a thread with an image of the Nekros Raknis helmet tends to pop up every day with people going OMG NEW FRAME.
  3. Because that isn't harassment... OH LOOK A FEMALE! Funny.
  4. My predictions: Tyl Regor rework New faction concept art Early Focus System Screenie of next female Prime
  5. 6 hours to go from the time of this post. Inb4 character wipes and forum crash,
  6. You could have posted a proper reply on this thread instead of making it about you, but you chose not to do that as well.
  7. You can view alliance as an alternative place to find people for your missions and a community that isn't "Region chat." Not all alliances go after dark sector rails, but most pick sides and fight in the conflicts. I could pull you into Gryphus Tech Corporation if you like. We have ~1200 in our alliance and it's generally active around the clock. Message me if interested. Orrrr search the forums.
  8. It's a DDOS attack. In the future, please check the forums for similar threads before posting a new topic that way we don't bump relevant topics back to page 2. It'll be resolved within the next 12 hours, more than likely.
  9. Dunno, but third time this week.
  10. Thanks for using the search feature! Anyway, it's a DDOS attack, and it will be handled very likely in the next 12 hours.
  11. It's not a bug. It's a DDOS attack.
  12. Quanta far exceeds the Mutalist and there are spreadsheets available to prove it. Check Mogamu's review and the pros + cons on the wiki, then test it yourself.
  13. To get people like you to stop posting on the forums. Evidently it didn't work.
  14. Lol, well I'm not going to tell you that they never said that, because they very well might have. If that's the case though, that's due to their own modifications or simple lack of knowledge of the tools available to them. Who knows what they changed when they modified the source code though.
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