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  1. If this doesn't work, my Lich will be paying you a visit, to have a little word or two!
  2. Please, for the love of the Lotus, fix this long running problem. I've reported this quite a while ago, even providing video showing the problem, which is very frustrating and ongoing. Void Relic defence missions.... If the host leaves, and everyone else stays, or just 2 people stay, only the new host gets to choose another void relic. The other people have to play 5 more rounds for nothing. I showed a video of this previously. The problem here is that the new hosts game will load much quicker than those who aren't hosting, and by the time the non-hosts are loaded up, the timer has
  3. Well I hope there's no repeats, like last time. I ended up with 4 winter XIII and 2 festive floof, essentially robbing me of 5 drops!
  4. The farmers, for this weapon, set their liches on everyone and stole all the drops. You'll get them back next week!
  5. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/paul-roberts-27/screenshot/22400453 Moustache, Dastardly work to do, Tenno clock, Moonicipal.
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