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  1. I'm on xbox and have a linked account. No problems playing here, just not getting drops since the update. The only problem i've had is the graphics messing up,a little bit like when you've got a faulty graphics card.
  2. Drops haven't worked for me since the update anyway, still owed 3 rush repair drones on xbox one, twitch says I claimed them, but no inbox messages and not in inventory. Never had an issue before this latest update
  3. So you only get 5 colour palettes, instead of 8, and are unable to do anything with the other 4 instead of 7. Of course, this leaves you slightly less disappointed that you didn't get an assortment of goodies.
  4. The biggest problem is survival missions. There's eventually a horde of enemies that spear you, one after the other. In this case you don't get chance to react, or counter, and your mod is effectively nullified as there's only a chance to avoid the effect. So, a horde of scorpions, or ancients could well have you singing "I get knocked down, but I get up again"
  5. You'll get punished for inactivity. Playing arbitration, and somewhere around wave 9, I think, my batteries died. Didn't have a spare pack handy, so had to find 2 AA batteries. I doubt it took much longer than 60-90 seconds. Wave 10 gets completed and I see "Not eligible due to inactivity" So, what was I doing before and after the battery change then, going on holiday? I'd contributed more to that session than 2 other players, in terms of kills, easily doubling their tally. That WAS NOT FAIR. While I do agree that being idle shouldn't warrant a reward, as i've se
  6. You can get duplicates. Last time they had glyphs, I had 5 of the same, of one kind and 3 of another, only one in the inventory though, so missed out on 4 drops and 2 drops. Shame you cant sell or convert extras. Very heartbreaking. Shouldn't happen IMO.
  7. If this doesn't work, my Lich will be paying you a visit, to have a little word or two!
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