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  1. Good afternoon, The bug has been figured out. Also, yet again, the buff failed to show up to the entire relay upon usage. Upon sending the buff to the entire relay, no one receives a notice or the buff upon me clicking the icon, including myself. However, the instance of anyone leaving and heading back to their orbiter, is when they receive the buff. No visual confirmation of people receiving it nor for myself, but only after returning. Image shown below is directly after using it, no buff visible in my tab of boosters on the right. Buff and notification of it should appear in the
  2. Has happened now two days in a row. Used the affinity buff in a relay for everyone to use, yet when clicking on the buff, and confirming it, it does not pop up or notify anyone of receiving it. Also confirmation of many not getting the buff, including myself. And sadly having to wait another 23 hours to see if it works tomorrow. From my understanding and what people have said in chats, this is a current bug that should be addressed.
  3. Apologies for not learning sooner lol Eh well, friends of mine really want to hit it so, at least I know a few people. There's probably a larger sample size out there. If there is, that'd be hilarious.
  4. I'm just another fish pulled from the ocean then put into a barrel lol
  5. My reset is in 12 hours, so like 2 am eastern or something, most likely will wait for the day after (31st of December) reset the timer so it isn't stuck in the early morning.
  6. Suspect to belief, have an Xbox account that's MR29, so that's where all my thousands of hours are since the games release have been. Doing it all over on PC was just extra fun with the knowledge of where everything is so I knew what to gun for first. Friends made me migrate over the summer and tasked me with passing them all, which I did but one of them lol. And cmon, I think a few weps were warranted purchases *cough* Sibear, Harrow, Trinity, etc.
  7. Quite curious as to how everyone's goal to hit MR30 is going. Personal goal was to hit it before the new year, and I succeeded in the test (albeit the cheap way with Mesa), around 3 am this morning. Unsure about this as well, but might be the fastest ever to hit MR30 in one shot, just focusing on leveling everything and everything I can outside of some event weps and the anniversary ones. Journey was long yet short, friends helping along the way, and still missing a few things: Feverspine board (prior to gilding and gilding it), both Necramechs still need to hit level 40, and missing t
  8. Thank you for all your hard work! Any future fix for when people enter a dojo, they stop spawning inside of the railjack and instead spawn in the "spawn" room?
  9. Yup, new bounty works fine. You legitimately need to be fast or have teammates map out where the fissures are to close them because the device you carry corrodes so fast. Trial and error, we got it on our first run and worked with it as we went along. Benefit from doing it with friends in a discord server. But from my experience, never bugged out on us, which sucks for others whom it has. Best of luck, Tenno!
  10. Two-Day Alerts for the BP's (Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa) are up (November 21st to November 23rd, in case anyone from the past sees this) Welp, think they did forget to put them in lol. Hope they're added to the actual rotation in the vaults at a later date or sooner.
  11. Awesome, I'll relay this off to my friends as information and as a warning. But cmon, Surely they didn't just forget to put the blueprints for the weapons in the game... right?
  12. As of this moment, you need to do the OLD Isovault missions given from mother in the Cambion Drift (starting inside or outside), then play the NEW one that unlocks from that same Mother (didn't test spamming the same "new" vault type after completion of it the first time to see if you can chain the new vault run over and over for the T2 and T3 rewards). Must repeat this at three different mothers in the Cambion Drift to ascend in the tier difficulty which is represented as 30-40, 40-50, and 50-60 respectfully. To make it easier: Go to one mother, iso run, then new vault run, find new mothe
  13. No confirmation on Tennogen 19 Round 1 release date? I thought part 1 was being released before the end of the month... which is in one day.
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