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    We are a progressive rank 10 clan looking to create a retreat for those that often find themselves on the edges of gaming culture. All our research is done save the Ignis Wraith, (but we can get you blueprints for nothing.) We aim to be as helpful as possible to the members that need aid. We are currently a Mountain clan and growing at a nice pace; we are looking for members that intend to remain active, are respectful of others in both words and deeds, and want to engage with other clanmates. LGBTQ+ friendly, Pro-civil rights, and a clan standard taken from intersectional feminism. ~{v}~ ~{v}~ ~{v}~ Please DM/PM SpicyDinosaur on these forums or in the game to look into joining! Or you can add her as a friend on Discord and apply there: SpicyDinosaur#2019 ~{v}~ ~{v}~ ~{v}~ We are part of the alliance Birbs of Prey, which exists to pull in smaller clans with similar values to our own. https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/1709-birbs-of-prey/

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