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  1. That doesn't seem to help me attaching a price tag for rivens I'm basically trying to sell to someone else. it's a nice breakdown on the rarity of specific effects, but unless I know what someones looking for, that doesn't really help me, and helps me less when trying to figure out what the value of a riven for X piece of gear is, regardless of it's stats.
  2. I'm having problems determining what value they sell for, finding unveiled rivens selling anywhere from 5 plat, to 5000 plat. While I doubt I have anything in the latter category, there's so much fluctuation I don't know if I should be looking for 5, 10, 50plat, or what. I know that unrolled rivens are more valuable because if you get one for the right piece of gear, you can reroll it to get the specific effects you want, so I've left them untouched there, but figuring out how to value them based off their weapon type, or how to go about reliably selling one without ripping myself off, I don't know. Anyone have some credible advice for this? If it helps price the specific ones, I'm currently staring at a Catchmoon, Dokrahm, Flux rifle, Tetra, quanta, and gaze rivens (none of which are weapons I care enough to want to use), but it'd be better to learn how to determine their value accurately myself.
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