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  1. Thanks for the fix for unlimited stacking combo
  2. Fix the unlimited stacking combo what you broke in last hotfix i got pc bug report posted on matchmaking -2.1bil damage when you use combo stacking mods... its #*!%ed up
  3. Bug exploit endless red crits i think it might stack when max combo comes and you let it go endless red crits come. then you reset combo and start again. when i die it resets to basic white crits at start._, and then tested again to confirm this. this is some game breaking stuff hope DE fixes it quick tested reset get back to 12 reset get back to 12 now this........ after a while when i tested this it just gave me like those -2bil hits ( Fixed Blood Rush, Gladiator Mod Set, and Weeping Wounds bonuses not resetting) hotfix broke it completely this is some next level shiet
  4. Damn im hella tired and neet to get sum sleep😂 just been grinding relics. To get em ducat i hope barokiteer has some good shiet this time
  5. So howlong till the stream starts and does dev streams drop rewards too?
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