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  1. Another proof of the theory: If it is possible, somebody will eventually do it (if it is not already done). GJ OP! You are OP! (somebody will scream "nerf" after this.)
  2. having problem with excavation power cell as well. e.g. weapon state don't restore. e.g. I am in melee, when I pick up power cell, still in melee, when power cell gets absorbed, I end up with secondary. another case: although I am carrying an orthos, I actually end up with something like a glaive (no item) and can actually phantom launch it by holding melee key.. too buggy...
  3. or maybe a "help me" button in-mission, that when pressed, will put the host on a queue. On the other end, we get a "help me portal/planet" on the navigation screen, that when pressed, will make the player join a mission in the "help me" queue? So the process will be like: New player in some mission, getting lost, or getting punished/trapped. Press the "help me" from communication menu. launches a "beacon". Other players in navigation can see this "help me" mission and the number of people seeking help. When they are free to click on it, they get transported to the mission requ
  4. lol, when I first saw the Topic title, I was thinking exactly of animals marking territory... To contribute something towards a more constructive front, perhaps we can have something like this (mechanism and lore tied into one) When certain infested bosses are killed, they excrete some ... invisible musk/smell/icky body fluid that covers their killers, which cannot be washed away easily. This cannot be seen/smelt by human senses (maybe partially psychic in nature?) but is detectable by the infested. Though the infested don't have the capabilities or reasoning to send something like hunte
  5. lol.. more like "Acrobatic" Formation Alpha.
  6. yeah, it may actually be feasible now (it wasn't before the melee stances). This could have + close melee (dual wielding) moves (prob short combos) + larger area whip moves (holding one end and swing it in an extended arc) (modifier combo e.g. holding block) + glaive throw-like move (instead of swinging, throwing it straight) (holding melee key, like glaive) But probably will require its own stance... (which means: lots of animation work)
  7. Actually, we don't need incentive, we just need good matchmaking between those who wants help and those who are willing to help. My clan was founded on the belief to help new players (even named Tenno Academy). We originally wanted to be a clan that new players can temporary join without heavy commitments, and once they mature in the game, feel free to leave to join the more experienced clans. But due to the general difficulty of the interface, and lack of core activity (actually finding people that we can help), went mostly dormant... Personally, I still try to help out when I see the occ
  8. Totally agree that Ember is harder to use at higher difficulties, but I personally find her extremely useful nevertheless for all the easier levels (which we cannot avoid). Unless I am wrong, she is one of the few (or only one?) with mobile AOE-DOT (world on fire) which is "carried" on her as she moves. She makes the levels so much faster to complete (invoke power 4, streak through with arms in the air... weapons? bah, who needs them). Example of uses. - one player interception on easier levels (e.g. syndicate missions) . You just need an Ember with optimized Range and Power Ef
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