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  1. It is - it's Venus's Survival mission. Problem's still occurring when I'm set to Public, but if I set to Private I can run it no issue.
  2. So I've attempted to queue for Malva while set to public 5 times so far today. Of those five attempts, three dumped me into a pre-existing Profit-Taker run instead. It's literally six missions away by connection path. Kind of annoying - I'm attempting to farm Eximus, and I can't really do that in Profit-Taker. It's also very rude, I'm trying to clear Infested from a Corpus ship and instead the Corpus are deploying a giant Raknoid on me. There isn't a way for a hard-working Tenno like myself to slice this positively.
  3. So there's a weird quirk in Corpus Rescue missions - if you take a hostage with you into the Granum Void (and why wouldn't you - it's a once in a lifetime experience for most people, always good to show someone a nice time when they've been held in a tank for who knows how long) and they get dropped and start bleeding out in the last few seconds, when you get unavoidably returned to the Corpus ship the hostage doesn't. This means even if you had plenty of time to resuscitate them, no you don't because they're inaccessible now - lost forever to the void.
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