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  1. ,es.. DE did a good job in buffing primary/secondary weapons but now we have that some classes of those weapons are way more powerful then others.How about Arcane Deadhead gives bonus mainly to critical damage & instead of additional small crit DMG buff rather change it to accuracy bonus? Are in mind that all primary/secondary arcanes (& galvanized mods) need to have combo duration.This is the only game I've encountered so far where a headshot with a sniper is not a kill not to mention that on steel path it can be a headshot with a stealth multiplier and still no kill while AOE weapons need same amount of time to clear a room full of enemies.
  2. I see some of you haven't found yourselves in endurance run where your squadm8 is literally sabotaging you & the rest of the squad for either not knowing how to play or even worse deliberately been a troll or is in to be carried.Now,missions like relic crack survival/excavation or arbitrations or certain resource farms are not type of missions where you pack up & leave just BCS one player either refuses to play as they supposed to or they don't understand the concept &/or your messages.4 players in a squad,3 votes needed to kick I call a democracy & freedom to play freely. Suggesting to play solo just because it can be done in an online game that puts emphasis on team play is an oxymoron.You get kicked out of the mission,you keep all you've earned so far but it'll help for the people to start paying attention not just on the game but to other players.If words can't help in making some people notice other people around them then kickin'them out might help them to reconsider & work on their behavior.DE said that they didn't put this option in the game because they want for everyone to have the same amount of freedom of playing and called it democratic.I'm sorry but democratic model would be to allow majority to decide how that freedom should look like ;)
  3. Lol ty,I didn't even noticed due to a problem I have of not seeing parts of the word so I rely on auto-text correction.
  4. Conclave needs to have ALOT more rewards,unique rewards usable in the rest of the game.Making ALL conclave mods usable in PVE might be a step in right direction.This game mode also lacks diversity so heres few suggestions: Watter Fight-pvp version of summer event fun.Anihalation-Last Tenno left "dry" -wins Dargyn Skirmish-dargyn dog fights above plains of eidelon,8vs8 Velocippod Skirmish Deimos-ride a velocipod and take down opponents with your seconday,k-drive mods available to use,8vs8…no NPC's active. K-drive Races-race through checkpoints across orb valis.Use your secondary to dispatch oppobents too.K-drives can be modded with all the mods obtainable from ventkids.16 players,no active NPC's. Nechramech Wars-all open world maps,no active NPC's,unmodded nechramechs,anihalation mode I don't know how many players could play at the same time on the open map but it be cool to have the abillity to fight in large teams in open world maps.Missions like defense,interception,excavation (excavators can be captured not destroyed),no active NPC's, 16vs16 players.
  5. Give us the option to to kick a player out.Either for a host to have an option to kick out a squad member or an option for squad members to vote to kick another member (4 squad members-3 votes to kick membeer A are needed for member A to be kicked out of the squad)
  6. Even tho mercy kill animations are cool to see and I'm sure there was a lot of time and effort put in for them to work,the actual execution is not in sync with action in the game thus giving a feeling that the whole animation is just too long and we are on hold in the middle of that chaos we've created.I'd suggest to shorten the action to a quick stab. Which brings us to a suggestion to implement the ability to chain mercy kills for greater rewards/bonuses (example: parazon mods like "blood for energy" or "out of sight" would be more potent giving more energy or spreading the effect of "out of sight" mod) .
  7. (Idea by D3ADRU553L "Red forma" ) It allows putting 2 mods in 1 slot but with -50% efficiency of each mod.
  8. It seems that orbs that float around Warframe expire way faster then they should The second problem with this arcane is that there's no way of knowing which enemies are under it's effect(s) so it'd be next će if devs could add a visual effect for affected enemies. Thanks in advance.
  9. Regurgitate augment Heartburn prevents Grendel from spitting out an enemy but instead consumes portion of enemy health (like Nourish) and puke out a pile of goo (similar like Tar moa) that slows enemies by 70% and deals 100 Corrosive damage in 4m radius for 6 seconds.This ability is under influence of ability range, strength & duration mods.
  10. Would be much appreciated if Merilima would be affected by the mods on equiped K-Drive (in similar manner as exalted weapons work). Is Merulina affected by Theorem Infections?If it's not then it should be.My suggestion is to use kitguns with Yareli with residual arcanes & Theorem Demulcent.Also , it's helpful to have shock absorbs mod.
  11. It is,I agree.It is the fact nevertheless.A good portion of human kind is like that and you can see that in every segment of your life. It's natural order of things I guess.It all comes down to leaders & followers.
  12. Well..in 1st & 2nd sentence but it doesn't matter really.Again,you missed the point and I'll do my best to explain.Arby is, difficulty wise,easier then SP (that's why new mods will be in arby store to help players prepare for SP).Now,no matter the items in the arby store, although one could argue that prices in VE are slightly too high bcs of a poor drop chance.Yes,I know that arby is an endurance mode & it should stay like that but here's 2 problems with that: 1) Lower MR's have no skill or equipment for a long run 2) high(er) MR has no benefit in doing arby long runs unless they want to invest time in archgun rivens XD
  13. I'm not comparing game modes just what's available.If arby had a unique mode where you can earn more Vitus I wouldn't say a word.And sitting & waiting for smeta proc while piling up Vitus in a some manner as it was done with SE falls in a category of exploits and that's why DE added a expiration time for SE. I'm still waiting for a solid argument that doesn't involve boosters & smeta proc exploits.
  14. As I said,unless some YouTuber explains a step by step guide how to use a certain synergy.If you are not lazy tho,instead waiting for someone to show you the way to use something etc.try exploring the possibilities yourself ;) https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Theorem_Demulcent
  15. Yup but more players in this case would mean I wouldn't be able to pause the game bcs I don't play the game as if it's my full time job ;) And,if md I'll rather play defense solo then on publici (in case my friends are not online) bcs most ppl I've met so far didn't know hot to play arby defense.
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