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  1. Vannell

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

    Still no fix for:
  2. Vannell

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

    Still no fix for
  3. Vannell

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    Still no fix for:
  4. Vannell

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Still no fix for
  5. How about a Vauban revisit now? :D
  6. Vannell

    Chains of Harrow: Update 21.4.0

    So I tried this rework, and it's very interesting, the combinations are multiple and it adds more, uh, utility to Hydroid. - His Tempest Barrage charge action is nice, instead of just recasting two times I can just cast it charged and leave it alone for a while longer. While this is minor (or might be minor to people) I actually find this change nice. But I'm still jarred by the way it actually aims, like, the point you're aiming at, if you have obstacles, it's gonna hit these obstacles. (Dunno how to explain properly, it doesn't pinpoint aim at the zone you're designing D:) - His Tidal Wave is still the same, straight charge, with the added effect of pulling enemies. While inconsistent in terms of distance, the pull does it's job. Combined with Undertow, it actually doesn't pull enemies behind you (sadly, but countered with the manual pull of Undertow). Moving with Tidal Wave while Undertowed can be tricky if distance is tight (like, there's only hole around and you don't want to go down). But that addition definitly helps in terms of mobility. - His Undertow is the one that makes me feel better. The change to make us able to move was really needed (Well, we're less mobile now, people won't be able to say that we're going afk when pulling people lol). The ramp-up damage is good too, no more sleeping to kill enemies :p. I noticed the range got less affected by Range Mods (Base 4m, and 4.82m with a maxed Stretch while it should be 5.8m technically unless I'm bad at maths, feel free to correct me) Which is okay I guess (and since we can move around now, it's even more okay in my opinion). Also, no more panic when using Curative Undertow augment, we can just follow people in a room (Well, not follow-follow but you know what I mean >:( ). The manual grab while Undertowed is amazing, very good to pick up stragglers after a Tidal Wave move, or just to gather enemies and finish them with Tentacle Swarm or Tempest Barrage. Or just gather enemies for fun. Combined with Tentacle Swarm, it's a very nice way to condense all the tentacles in a chokepoint (no innuendo). A second option you might say. Overall the changes feels like most of his kit is centered around Undertow. Or more like Undertow has synergies now. Anyway. -His Tentacle Swarm, god, the visual change is just so cool. Could potentially give a spook to people who have no idea about Hydroid. The way the tentacles attacks are way more, uh, accurate and less random. The way it spreads around is nice too. Overall there's nothing too annoying right now about it. But there's slight complications actually. Sometimes the tentacles freeze up straight, and after a few seconds, slams down but takes my Kubrow as a target (I haven't tried with Kavats and Sentinels). Tentacles can spawn on HP and Energy Orbs too which was very surprising :'D. And other than that, I got nothing else about this change. Overall, the color change is nice, the "real water effect" is really nice too I love it. But now the Energy Color is pretty irrelevant now :( (Well Tempest Barrage is still affected by it but that's the only one lol). Some abilities might be better with a teeny tweak but right now no ideas comes to mind. Anyway, thank you DE for this rework.
  7. Vannell

    Hotfix 16.10.1

    This. Also, it's not like 17% or 20% changed a lot of things... You'll still crit slightly above 50%... So I don't see the deal. Just because the Primed Pistol Gambit don't have the same base value as it's Normal version... I mean, take a 20% CritChance weapon... Put that 187% (if the base value is 17%) , you get 57% (58% if rounded up), and 67% with Creeping Bullseye. Now put that 220% (if the base value is 20%), you get 64%, and 73% (74% if rounded up) with Creeping Bullseye. So, there's what, a ~7-9% difference? Does it really matter since the critical is already high enough to get at least a critical hit 50% of the time...? (Also if you take a 15% CritChance weapon, it's almost the same, around 50~55% with Creeping and 187%.)
  8. Vannell

    Update 16.8.0

    Where is my Vauban's bounce augment mod? D8
  9. Loadout Submission 1 Submission 2
  10. Vannell

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    So, i'm gonna put a picture of me.
  11. Vannell

    Omg Chromas New Helm! [Megathread]

    What a burger.
  12. Why is everyone assuming things DE never said? I mean, just wait for the things, they'll explain everything in due time.
  13. Vannell

    Pc Tactical Alert: Ogma Elite

    People are given free stuff. all they have to do is to play a bit. But nooo, since it's Archwing, they feel like they have to complain once more cause it doesn't suit them. (I still don't see why Archwing is frowned upon) That's one forma and Catalyst for us then! Yoink.
  14. Vannell

    Update 15.11

    *Doesn't have Wyrm* *Rolls on the floor with hands on head* *Screams*
  15. Vannell

    Hotfix 14.1.3

    WHERE'S MY BARREL ROLL? Also Good job and thanks.