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  1. I quoted this guy, but seriously, what is all that butthurt about speed runners coming from? If half or more of your team is already at the extraction, and you are *@##$ing that you are busy opening your worthless lockers, maybe you are the one doing something wrong and keeping the entire party down?


    I hate it when im speedrunning a level, doing 75% of damage and killing almost every mob on the way, and there are still people *@##$ing about it, because they were getting their hands dirty with lockers.


    Go fast, or go solo, stop trying to keep people down at your level.



    How cooperative of you. What a team player.

  2. What are some of the biggest clans in Warframe right now?


    I'd say about a tenth or so is online at any given time. And yeah, the clan tab of the contacts is a nightmare.

    No, this is not an e-peen measuring contest. I'm genuinely curious.

  3. With enough mods, Lato one-shots most enemies anyway. Lex is overkill.


    Not really. You would need more ranks in Hornet Strike and the elemental damage mods than you would need with the Lex.Getting the Lato Vandal to that level would be more expensive.
  4. But beta is beta I guess but the dev's plan for end game are very unclear and this really bugs me and I see myself playing less and less every week. Only really log on for the alerts with "?". But I kind of got everything other then waiting for photato BPs im 60 hours in and feel im done. Whats next i'm not intrested in "clan aka ZERG challanges" (clan with the most members win) which is what the devs described.


    I have to ask... what else would 'end game' be? I mean really? What would you like to see as end game in a game like this? I know what you're going to say, I think, and that's PVP. But that's just another grind for another objective.What you fail to realize is that when a game settles on 'end game' content that is the first nail in the coffin. Either they need to churn out end game content at that point or find some other gimmick to keep people playing. End game is not the goal; it's playing the game.
  5. Do what Foxstarz told you to do. And if it still doesn't improve enough for you to play this game to your standards then its time to upgrade. my computer is 10 years old and i can still run this game fine (it was built for gaming though). If you cant after turning down the settings, your computer is super outdated and its time to get upgrades unfortunately =/


    No. This is inaccurate. Warframe is in dire need of optimization.
  6. And if we were really smart, we would level up both vipers to 30 for the Mastery points, and THEN use them in the blueprint to create the Twins.


    That's *if* we were smart...


    Naw, I'm too impatient!


    Why would you do that? You only get mastery for the first Viper.


    yes it will


    [citation needed]Dual Heat Swords don't require a Heat Dagger or a Heat Sword at all to build.
  7. So you are going to group all of the players who 'rush' into the bad guys?

    The developers are just one perspective and I understand from their point of view; they want the game to be fun for all, and they see that some rushing mechanics are counter-intuitive.

    It doesn't change the fact that slow players are just as bad in my book. I shouldn't have to wait for you if I want to complete the mission and move on.

    They should let rushers have a personal countdown once they reach the end, and then allow them to finish the mission and disconnect.

    Here's the thing: as it is now, games are random. When you join a public game you don't know what you're getting into.

    If we could label our games somehow that would be one thing. As it is, rushers are simply leaving team mates behind and this is a co-op game.

    A good team sticks together, regardless of the pace of it's members.

  8. Just means more soloing for me. People move too slow for the fast paced game sometimes.

    If you want to get every crack and crevice and take your time, you would be just as welcome doing it solo as rushers would be welcome rushing the level solo. It goes both ways.

    They have established the game as fast-paced so it leans toward rushers being the favored group, so penalizing them like this seems counter intuitive. Taking out the cover system was meant to speed up gameplay, adding wallrunning and zip lines speeds up gameplay, but now we have these blocks to slow us down for players who are taking too long farming.

    Its like the speed limit; you go too slow, you get fined. You go too fast, you get fined.

    If they want the game to be slow-paced, they should say so and incorporate game mechanics that encourage that.

    As it is right now, there aren't enough teamwork elements that make me want to work with these random players. I can slaughter the enemies and get through just about everything except the double lock doors. Sometimes I can even kill the boss before they get there. So, outside of shared exp and ammo, why should I forego my speed and stamina mods and walk with these guys as they pick up all the loot, kill all the enemies, and possibly find mods?

    But the devs themselves during the livestream said that rushers are a problem.

    So to the devs, the people being left behind aren't the issue, the rushers are, and they have the right of it.

    Most rushers are inconsiderate and can scarcely concern themselves with playing as a team.

  9. In the livestream Steve addressed this and said that there would most likely be no trading of plat or credits, only items.

    I thought he said there would be no gifting/trading of credits or modules, only resources, and that you would be able to purchase platinum for others.

  10. I actually had a Commodore 64, Amiga, lost vikings, buggy boy, beast i think it was, another world, and so on and so forth. So you obviously don't know what you are on about.

    So you know all about games that were content-locked with instruction manuals and having to manually set sound card settings. That's good.

    That means you also know that it was more often than not a tremendous pain in the &#! and before you could even start thinking about the difficulty in those games you had to jump through your own A****** just to make them run. That's the point.

    If you can honestly tell me that a game like Blackthorne was not insanely difficult, then I suppose I should just consider you the ultimate gamer who knows how to play anything the instant they pick it up.

    In the days before Gamefaqs and wikis when you had to figure out everything yourself or pay someone to tell you how to play the game, things weren't always wonderful.

  11. Yeah no, He's trying to dilute the point that games were harder, by saying that they were difficult to install? Or that we must have some sort of 'stockholm syndrome' or that the only reason we kept on playing, was because we invested so much time in it? Really? rubbish, alot (myself included) kept at these games because we liked the challenge, and guess what, we had fun trying to beat it. So a challenging game, was...fun? Yup, that's right.

    As for how many weapons with maxed mods i have, 0. That's right, 0. And i still steam through it.

    I get the feeling you never played the games that MJ12 is talking about. Strongly.

    Have you ever sat in front of a Commodore 64? Did you play games before Windows was a thing?

    Yo MJ12, got a question for ya. Why is it that those of us that want a challenge supplied by the developer of our games aren't allowed to have it? Why is it that we aren't allowed to continue pushing ourselves towards greatness? What makes you think that the missions are impossible without mods?

    If greatness is your goal, video games are not the way to go about it. You are not badass or cool for being good at games.

    Why should a developer cater to one subset of players? It can't perfectly cater to them all but there is a compromise.

    For you, perhaps, the game is too easy, but for someone else it's too hard. That's the way of the world.

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