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  1. Most OP ever is a bit of a stretch, but yeah I do agree, she doesn't need a power duration freeze buff.
  2. Nah, I still don't think its worthwhile. Small amounts of plat is easy enough to earn selling stuff, and again alot of those event weapons gave you a slot already. Like I said, keeping said weapons for collection sake or otherwise is a choice you make, regardless of their availability no one is forcing you to keep them.
  3. The anniversary weapons already came with their own free slots though, and I believe most wraith/vandal weapons earned through events do as well though its been too long since we got one for me to remember for sure. Either way, if you don't wanna use them after mastering them, its up to your discretion whether you wanna keep them as collector's items or not, I say.
  4. Being able to craft buff items using plant combos could be fun, possibly, so long as the game doesn't power creep to where they feel neccesary.
  5. You're taking the title 'broken' figuratively, which the concept of what is 'broken' is highly up for interpretation. In any case, Xaku is more broken in the literal sense, which is just fine. He is a frame made from the broken parts of other frames. Also no offense, but giving a shout out to your own topic feels.....not good, is the nicest way I can put it.
  6. I use Wukong alot for solo myself and I'm likely to replace his defy with Octavia's resonator. I mainly need something to distract enemies from attacking my defense objectives, as there are times where no amount of 'kill good' can keep them safe. Honestly he's a good all around frame otherwise and defense is the only thing I find lacking with him, so hopefully resonator will fix that.
  7. Kavats...aren't hard to get, just a bit tedious. They require DNA segments which can be gotten in low level derelict missions, though if you are high level you could possible own a synoid helicor which does make things alot easier. As for the topic, they could possibly use some kind of stat buff but honestly, the problem is more the AI than anything.
  8. Nah, I like the current mechanics of the entrati weapons. I'd take a certain amount of damage equals a charge instead of requiring a kill, but I'd definitely not want to consume a chunk of ammo instead.
  9. I admit, I ran out of motivation before getting every arcane I wanted as well as the two weapons, so I'd like to see it return too.
  10. The better option would be just to tweak exalted weapons so they don't need stat sticks. The game is full of bandaids, we don't need any more.
  11. Being damaged does not equate to being unhappy. Some people learn to make the best of a bad situation, or even come to enjoy their flaws or grow better/strong through the hardship, I think the tenno are a good example of that. Otak is damaged yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's hiding his misery.
  12. Perhaps if not even the kitguns, some other things yet to be added could end up being blocked behind rank 5, more mods from Father perhaps?
  13. Pretty much exactly what I expected. Well, the venari heal isn't always reliable. I'd probably rather get rid of her 2nd, but if anything keeping Venari in 'attack' mode and just getting a more reliable heal skill is also an option.
  14. Firstly Nezha is fine, maybe not meta tier but just fine. Secondly, don't just ask for a rework, actually give some suggestions on what would make them better, if you feel that they need it so much. Thirdly, Nezha is a boy.
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