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  1. You sure? Wanna bet with me? If it isn't, I get your last plat
  2. Please put the Infested Operator suit in there. And I want that Gauss Mag helmet already!!!
  3. This calls for a double credit booster and dozens of runs in the index :')
  4. Damn, I can't sell that for a lot of platinum 😔 I missed the barrel drop last week
  5. Same drops as this week? Alright, time to abandon streams for another week. Other than Friday of course
  6. LOL so you're giving us the animals that Rebb left behind yesterday? Hahahaha
  7. Didn't you read? The update is so big because they're reworking the game's textures and improving them to make them look more detailed and realistic while saving your HDD a whole 8GB. The update wouldn't even be 1GB if it were only for the skins lmao
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