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  1. What's the kavat of your dreams ? Here's mine: -Firstly, It has to be a smeeta Kavat. I think they're better than Adarza. -Male , why ? Because I never had a male Kubrow/Kavats. -Tuffed (long) ears are lovely ! -Peacock/Leaf/Mermaid Tails, I cant resist. -Derg Red/Hexis black. I would like red more, because I want it to have light color scheme. -Energy color would be white, Pink or Lilac. Tell me how you want your kavat to looks like !
  2. So I've found a squad to do some fractures on orbis. We got 49pts (7Thermia). Then, I asked If we should go to fortuna before going to Area 12. My squad wanted to go to area 12 before. So we did. Phase 1: Everything was good. Then, phase 2: We had to get out of platform 12. And the game crashed. I lost everything during the fractures. Now the game ask me if I want to go back to orbis with the squad. So I said yes Everyone has been kicked of the squad, I cannot move And im going under the map. Im stuck, the game is freezing and Im pretty annoyed that I've lost my progressions.
  3. I reconnected after the game crashed maaany times. And I lost my precious credits. Not much but still pretty annoying
  4. I was doing some Index to get money (Im really poor). Someone left, got a loading screen and got killed while the loading. Now Im stuck on this screen:I cant do anything. The game softlocked himself and I may loose 50k credits. I guess I cant do anything against it ? Note that the game transition seem smoother when using "alt+tab", not like usual where it feel pretty "laggy"
  5. So I should use Rhino prime for his heavy impact ?
  6. I cant reach the lvl9 of mastery because of the sneaking trial. I've tried lot of times, Its just too hard to do (especially the last "wave"). Plus, warframe isnt a game where you have to be sneaky, and this gameplay isnt well made. Ennemies may not see me when I just pass in front of them, but will see me behind a wall for no reason...Im just stuck, anyone has tips/advice to complete it ? I dont want to stay to mastery 8.
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