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  1. So you guys have managed to actually release another warframe that is as bad as xaku? Thats honestly impressive, its like you don't test things against enemies above level 15.
  2. I see your point, but personally if they aren't willing to rework her i'd rather her just be irrelevant as sad as that sounds. Shes been useless for a good long while, and if DE aren't willing to fix that, i can atleast take her one useful thing and put it on an actual good warframe.
  3. I fail to see how this doesn't make sense, if a frame is a worse choice then something else for a given mission type, why am i using that frame? Unless of course you just like using the frame, i personally need a reason to use the thing. If what i'm using isn't efficient there is a problem with that as a choice for me. So nidus, the only place where he is among the best choices you can make is in endurance, and endurance as i said is not worth the time investment since we have little to no reason to actually do it. If DE gave us a good incentive to want to go 2 or 3 hours into a survival, then
  4. Nah it should have been war cry, because it means we no longer have to use valkyr, the only thing she had going for her, every other frame has access to now. Hopefully this leads to her usage rate dropping through the floor so she gets the rework shes needed for literal years now.
  5. Is it just me or does lavos look like actual factual trash? The amount of power strength that build was running and the abilities were struggling to deal with level 30 enemies. The people saying just use condition overload seem to miss the point of abilities, good melee weapons don't need that to one shot enemies.
  6. No it isn't. I'm saying endurance has no place in the grand scheme of the game because we have no reason to do it. In effect i'm saying people that do endurance are wasting their time because its objectively not worth the time investment. Its fine if you enjoy it, but the time to reward ratio is so pointless.
  7. You're adorable thinking endurance viability actually means anything. Nidus is one of the best endurance frames yet isn't useful in the wider context of the game, and thats down to what he does having no actual home.
  8. With their prime vaults, it would actually have been nice to see some sort of changes to both mirage and banshee, banshee especially needs it, shes one of the worst frames in the game. Makes it really hard for anybody to warrant purchasing the unvaulting packs.
  9. You aren't playing against very good saryns then, as someone who was a saryn main for a very long time, i've never seen a saryn come close to me in ESO. Mind you, i tend to just not run ESO with people because honestly there just isn't a reason to outside of levelling. Whilst i agree khora is better in steel path, i think this is more of a commentary on how S#&$ steel path as a game mode is. Leave our good BDSM girl the hell alone tbh
  10. I mean i don't use alot of the frames you listed because they are clunky and poorly designed. Hydroid especially is just abject S#&$ which needs a rework.
  11. DE need to give us a reason to use warframes. If a frame has no reason to be used (and this is the case for alot of the roster), why should i use them? Also we aren't in a 'one frame does everything' situation. There is no one frame that is the best at literally everything.
  12. See the problem with that is, if you nerf khora people will just trash her and use the other good frames in the game. We aren't just going to start using one of the many bad warframes in the game because you took one of your good ones away. If DE keeps going, they will just bring all of our good frames down to S#&$ tier, and there will just be no point playing the game anymore. If this is the precedent DE want to set, i hope their game dies.
  13. And warframe isn't remotely comparable to those kinds of games. If you turn whipclaw into a single target ability, you kill all of khoras viability. We have to remember that warframe is a power fantasy, and as such the balance SHOULD be skewed in the favour of the player. Hell one of the many reasons MMORPGs are bad is the extreme balance almost to the point of the game lacking anything interesting for the player to interact with.
  14. You really aren't changing my stance that khora isn't overpowered, as i said warframe literally has no overpowred frames in my view. DE need to look to bring the garbage up, of which there is alot, instead of brining out good frames down to the S#&$ tier. Yes, khora does alot well, but there are frames that will out do her in the right contexts. Saryn and equinox do mass map clear better, frames like nova for examples in do crowd control better in certain contexts. So frames that have that combination if we include the helminth system, which you have done for khora? Most of th
  15. Again, i really don't agree with you, like at all. a) I find a lack of consistency to be a massive nerf, if i have to cast an ability more than once in a situation where i shouldn't have to cast it more than once, thats downgrade. When i hit enemies with the whip, and the whip literally misses thats a massive downgrade over what we had prior to DE deciding they would ruin her. There is nothing to address, she isn't overpowered, the warframe community seems to always confuse over powered with strong. Khora is strong, old nova would be an example of overpowered, a ball park khora isn't anywhere
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