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  1. Honestly the main issue i have is chroma kinda sucks, there are much better primes that could get unvaulted. Gimme an ember/saryn unvaulting, those 2 are god tier and those who don't have them should be able to get them.
  2. He honestly doesn't need adaptation, he has 2 life leeching abilities. The shadows 2 and the main frames 3
  3. When i say whats worked for the past 8 years, i mainly mean the refinement of the currently flow we had in the game until recently, the ground missions are absolutely fantastic and its what makes warframe the best game in its genre for me. I haven't been a player for 8 years either, and i didn't like it when i first tried it during those early days, but what they moved towards with refinements is something special. As for railjack, i did try it, i did alot of it on console and i just despise it. The idea of having to go through all of that on the PC account i now play on is about as fun of
  4. I hate literally everything about the game mode, like it does nothing right. Everything you listed i hate. Even the fact its now just a glorified taxi, it just means i have to waste my time getting to do the part of warframe i like. Why even have it then? Cut the middle man and just do whats worked for the past 8 years,
  5. I mean i refuse to get the railjack on my pc account, i already suffered through that once, i'm not doing it again. So as i said, i'd like for DE to tell us how much future content is going to be hidden behind this garbage so i can just quit playing now. Its sad to see a game i love be ruined because the studio director wants to take the game in a direction which is the antithesis of the game they originally made.
  6. Thanks for the chuckle. Sevagoth is the first frame since wisp that hasn't needed any changes from the release state.
  7. What i love most about this update is, the new content is tied to something that isn't warframe. Can you just tell us now if railjack is going to be the primary focus moving forwards so i can just quit the game now?
  8. Sort of a shame the next update is for the worst part of the game. I'm, in the camp of abandon railjack its not warframe. Granted, i hope those who like this enjoy it, i'll just be waiting until update 30 to bother with new stuff.
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