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  1. Not gonna lie. I expected way more. Too much hype about the same old Fissure and a new Warframe. Anyway thanks.
  2. Thanks. Can we please add pictures to those items we can receive. Would save us some time to google.
  3. Just do it please before I get back from work.😁
  4. What I really like to see that the RJ is more personal. Means we can decorate even if some limited way like stickers on the side or so. Also would be nice to add some cool stories so I will feel more connected to the RJ and somehow RJ should help us progress in game which I think you are trying to do. I only have 380 loging but I only did like 2 RJ missions after I completed my RJ because it feel so much out of this game. Like another game which I don't want to play. I welcome these changes. Already excited to see how it's going to turn out. Hopefully I can start playing RJ.
  5. Every 30 mins you will get a bag. Stream is aprox. 1h or a bit longer.
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