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  1. Thank you for your time and answers. I'll try scanners. As to skins, I decided to chose Rhino.
  2. Hi guys. Noob here. I've been playing the game to the point where I'd like to connect with someone and slice enemies together, but when I send an invo to someone I can't be bothered waiting long. How do you guys get together for a co-op? Another thing is, I went through several recruiting topics here, got a couple of names of clan leaders to join but so far they've bin off everything I'm on and I can't send them anything. How can I join a clan? The major reason again is to connect to like-minded people and play together coops and PvP in perspective. Thanks dreamers.
  3. Hi, fellows. Noob here with some questions. I roam around maps and sometimes come across objects I'm not able to smash with a blade. What's a plant and how to grab it? What's a blue glowing spherical thing made of small cubes and how to grab it? How to check all Vauban's skins and I mean all in one place? I'm actually more kind of metal tech guy "Titanfall", "Halo", "Destiny". Is there any warframes+skins which look more robotics other then Rhino?
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