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  1. With the latest patch, my game frequently crashes during the very end of the start up load screen, and also occasionally when loading through the standard mission loading screen, the one where you can play with your landing craft The error code it gives is 2002-2006. I am not sure if this is just a problem with my game, maybe the data got messed up or something? Does anyone else have this issue? I have not yet tried redownloading the game, as I am not eager to wait 2-3 hours for it to finish, but I might have to.
  2. One other thing I've noticed, is that a fair amount of rooms, including parts of the orbiter, seem to not be well aligned with the grid with just 10, 25, and 100 grid units as options, so I would hope that this be kept in mind when making new rooms. For instance, the newest room that just good added (the Entrati one) has these circular divots in the ceiling on its four corners. These divots are not aligned on the grid in a way that is divisible by 10, 25, or 100 units on both the X AND Z axes, though they are on a coordinate divisible by 5 units (They seem to be 5 units off of the 100 unit spo
  3. I have found out there are no right shoulders of any Latron variants, the same request applies to them all.
  4. I found this out because it refused to let me use the word 'participate' I don't know why this combination is even considered profanity, and it is not considered Profanity in chat, only the Tributa Statue text-box entry (though it could also be considered profanity in other decoration text-boxes, I haven't checked). If there is an actual reason for this to be considered profanity, then please whitelist words that actually use that combination of letters, such as participate.
  5. Why is there no right Elixis Latron Shoulder Plate attachment? Why is it just the left one? Could you please just mirror the object and give it to everyone who has the left one already?
  6. There is a lack of many basic features that would make it much easier and less irritating to work with. I know some of these might be hard to do, but also I am sure some of these are easy fixes. I am baffled that some of these are not already features at this point. A cycle selection tool. (a button you could press to cycle through all objects you are looking at so that you may select the one you want to select. Many 3D programs have this option) This is very much needed, when a bunch of decorations are near each other, especially atmospherics (whose hit-boxes are often way too big)
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