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  1. A quick question to any PC player who knows the answer: How much does the Zephyr Harrier bundle cost? I'm really hyped for it, and I have over 260 plat saved for it, but I can't find it's price anywhere.
  2. They must have been added with Corpus Proxima. Typing 'heart' in the search bar yields nothing and the wiki is notably lacking in many thing related to Corpus Proxima. Also: by 'the puzzle in the vault with the mouth on it' do you mean the puzzle where you have to shoot down a structure so it falls down into a hole?
  3. I recently saw on Reddit a Captura scene for the Heart of Deimos, and it seems to be obtainable via Isolation Vault bounties. The thing is: I've run a lot of Iso Vaults in the past, and I've never gotten it. The wiki doesn't mention a whiff of it either. Does anyone know if it is an ultra-rare drop? Or hidden loot, like the Gas City scenes? Thanks in advance.
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