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  1. Iridium , Shadow-clan (rank 9) on PC I am founding Warlord and have built everything with a little help in resource management with my girlfriend 🙂 Adding a video-tour, but alot of small details couldnt join in because of time limit. Video Tour
  2. I dont know why, but everytime you post Rebecca i shiver in joy. 🙂
  3. No accolade for me, 14 days late😭😭😭
  4. i invested 3k plat into a riven mod that now is nerfed to bits... xD feel you
  5. Issues with mouse sensitivity bugging out when jumping from arch-wing to board. Have to go into arch-wing and melee to get the sensitivity normalized again.
  6. I havent had any connection to the chat and friends-list after this news popped up.... Tried everything within router options and other stuff. No luck!
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