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  1. Shatter Shield is a straight damage reduction effect, which stacks multiplicatively with your armor. With the max (95% from Shatter Shield) and no armor mods on Mesa Prime, that's 96.5% total damage reduction to health. (Shatter Shield also applies to your shields, but it does not protect against explosives, so watch out for that.)
  2. Solo i brillanti frammenti di Eidolon possono essere convertiti in Focus. I normali frammenti di Eidolon non possono. (https://translate.google.ca)
  3. How is parkour not playing to the game's strengths? The high mobility is basically the best part of this game, and pushing it to the limit to get through the vaults (not that difficult) is a totally sensible gameplay mechanic? "I failed this a couple times" is not a valid reason to complain about something on the forums.
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