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  1. Sorry took so long to respond no notifications. I would definitely say if you don't love it then you should try again. Seems you completely went into a different direction. When you attempted to copy over, were your unable to fit any of your design?. With this version you will come into too many issues down the long run. You forgot to add your additional elevators which is the majority reason for your difficulties. But also more of an hassle. In addition to not very cost effective and visual pleasing. Did you check guides and examples of layouts via '?' icon. They have a great 3 floor designed with maxed rooms. You can use that as a starting point and just delete the extra rooms to get your barebones. Like this which I edited a little. Has everything you want at much less the cost and errors. You can also use 2nd floor aka app's 1 floor for decorative purposes etc. And if you want open spaces can add next to dry dock. Hopefully, you came up with your new layout you love since your revised post. Good luck tenno.
  2. Given that Yareli drives basically on a k-drive would we able to use primary weapons in the future or all weapons because it seems weird that you only use ability to ride around and only use pistol. And thank you for the fix on coverted sisters was getting kinda old explaining to people that I had a Rank 1 sister or people just leaving squad because they thought I had a strong sister instead of just viewing enemy levels associated with mission selected. See you guys at Tennocon!! 🎉
  3. Ok so 1st off, yes you can put up a bubble that grants invisibility while in zone range via ivaras 1st Quiver. So possible in that manner. If you don't have the helmith visit son to get upgrade. If you do, see the hungry guy and consume. If you know that process, but dont know who to activate after fusing. Activate quiver by activating like any other ability. Not sure why invisibility on hildryn since has shields to protect her and 4th to disable enemies tho. Get her bp from Little Duck in Fortuna and farm parts via Exploiter Orb. Second frame I guess is to consume for her pillage ability. Just be aware that any warframe ability you like to add has to be consumed directly from that warframe 1st. If you ever get confused visit Helminth and he lists all abilities locked and which frames are needed. Good luck tenno.
  4. These tenno gets it. I use nidus with long range even when their flying my larvae grab their behinds. Fyi you could also technically put the asleep and carefully destroy the vehicle but thats was too much. So nidus is my go to for annoying challenge.
  5. Ok first thing first, there is going to be no way this will be what you do the very 1st time you put rooms down because energy reactors will be needed in order to build those very few rooms based on your layout. So understand that this would be more of your final layout after you get to the bottom level in order to place those reactors. I have built numerous layouts over the years. I can tell you that your 2nd floor will actually be the 3rd floor since inspirational hall is 2 floors high; another elevator is required. Same for lower floor. Also, keep in mind that the dry dock is 2 stories below and 5 stories high so would require 5 elevators to build above it. In terms of future planning, If you don't plan on building a large dojo then its perfectly fine. Just need to tweek stuff while building and be prepared to do alot of removal and rearrangement down the line if you go this route. I have came up with multiple floor layouts and single floor layouts. And I will tell you multiple floors will cost more and takes tons of planning so the link I provided in previous post will help you. Even has guides for beginners. Just an idea. using the new application try to copy what have and see if everything fits for yourself. And include new image possibly to get better suggestions. As far as how large your clan should be and design is entirely up to you. No matter if you have 10 people or solo. I was solo and had 44 built rooms- more now because I decorate but I'm also legendary 1 and have the resources. If you can afford it and have a particular vision go for it. Try to make various layouts and compare resouces, i would even research amount of resources require for the labs research before I even start making the clan if I'm on fence or in another clan. I went through so many layouts, thought my 1st multiple floor was great but because I did various layouts for my final looks and still do I ended up with a single floor that's built beautifully and can be change into a multi-floor layout without issues. By doing many ideas then sleeping on it you'll may find a new idea that may look more visually pleasing and cheaper to do. But anyhow, good start and good luck tenno.
  6. Hi that planner is really no longer user friendly. You should try out Warframe DojoCAD. When you click on it you'll know why. I used that storm66 planner while is was in a previous clan but for my own clan I used the one I included. Best switch ever. The other planner doesnt include boundaries so tbh you have no idea if you could place those rooms above or below etc.
  7. OP should have been placed in bug section instead of players helping players. Not sure if this would get noticed since its in the wrong section. Probably should quote and link this thread on bug section. Understand though that you were wondering if others had same issue.
  8. Yeah a ticket is an independent issue this is happening across multiple platforms so makes since.
  9. Will like to include I am having same issues. Everytime click to unbind a weird circle appears top left corner and does absolutely nothing. Have more than enough shards. Hope it gets fix soon.
  10. Having the same issues as many others. I have 1mil+ in naramon every time I go to click triangle nothing happens but a glowing circle in the top left corner of the box. At the time I had 12 brilliant eidolon shards remaining to unbind. DE please look into this.
  11. In railjack spy in veil proxima, I was unable to activate untraceable mod even though timer and icon itself was triggered and posted as usual in upper right corner. Hope this get fix soon. Thanks DE always. 😊
  12. Having issues clicking on scroll bar to hit bottom of chat. Now only can scroll using joystick which is moving quite slowly. Also, when viewing tenet offerings at relay could not back out was able to leave via fast travel though.
  13. They stated in notes and numerous streams (mostly). Just gotta wait and see complete release notes tomorrow.
  14. I second this, seems really silly to add a new room that would take 24hrs to create then research time for each part for just one new frame. Guess we have to wait for the patch notes.
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