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  1. Do Mirage get a deluxe bundle as well to get useable animations to use on other frames etc? I only see a deluxe skin and no bundle. 1st time I ever experienced this.
  2. It is not a bug or anything. Progress is still saved if you actually finished before reset. For those whose have 1/5 or 0/5 its because there's actaully an additional challenge with same task not the same one that reset. So once you complete this weeks challenges it will reappear with the same partial completion as a recovered challenge and no progress is lost. And also if you finished your last bounty before reset and you stay in within these cities and dont return to orbitor sometimes before timer it will take a minute to indicate completion and ranking information. Best not to do free roam
  3. Another post here. I had the opportunity to use on-call summon and had a few thoughts. In missions, I tried to use gear a few times and it was greyed out. 1st I thought, okay maybe its because it was a syndicate mission. But then I said, ok maybe i should try equipping in my crew slot 1st even though it was already assigned. Then bam, I was able to use on hydron. I believe we should be able to use assigned crew member without having to actually go to the dojo and equip in a slot. I have multiple crewmates and use them for different things, I rather not equip one that I actually just want
  4. Not sure that's a bug since your Crew also uses your plexus and increase/stack stats similar to playing with other tennos. They use only integrated, not the battle and tactical. Seems to me its working as attended.
  5. TYPE: Railjack In-game DESCRIPTION: I was running solo missions for a few hours on mostly the extermination mission in veil's Calabash and only once on Lu-Yan. I seemed to me that I was low on rewards and eventually noticed that certain items did not appear in mission results. Given that eventually my screen for certain missions upon extraction i did not get a pop up end mission reward screen. Sometimes if it did pop up it would only show 2 items; even after doing optional objectives and sometimes bonuses. There were a few moments i extracted to railjack through omni from necramech. I ev
  6. I'm enjoying the update thus far minus the bugs. The command intrinsics is alright; wish i could adjust the points as attended. Love that I can hire new crew at ticker daily. However, i would love to be able to view my current crew and contracts while visiting ticker in fortuna so that i may compare with the current limited timed offers. Even having the option to view under railjack section within pause menu, similar to arsenal and inventory would be great. I tend to forget all of my 6 crew members and their stats. I rather not have to go back to dry dock to view if I currently hav
  7. TYPE: Trade with Cetus Market DESCRIPTION: Viewing Nakak offerings in Fetus preview images of masks were identical to default. VISUAL: Mask Preview Bug cant upload image directly. REPRODUCTION: Possibly visit nakak EXPECTED RESULT: Preview of actual masks themselves. OBSERVED RESULT: See default operator hood on all preview image. REPRODUCTION RATE: Whenever I reenter window for nakak within same session.
  8. Same as above in regards to PS4. Thought it was controller but happened with three different ones. Happened within training screen only. I'm addition to below TYPE: In-Game Dry Dock DESCRIPTION: Had to reload into twice to dojo when working within crew window and close application. First time when I was adjusting points screen was frozen and could not move when I had a cursor drift. When reseting game my crew members were rearranged and changed along with weapons and the upgrades I did to them. After that I readjusted and then i went to adjust one of my crew members and it's weapo
  9. Yes I had more than the required parts had everything even before the changes to the requirement.
  10. Where's PS4 early adopter rewards nothing in inbox but dry dock decoration. I'll check inventory.
  11. Affinity loss from solar rails or ignis wraith for older clans wouldnt matter because Clan rank is maxed at 10 and with newer clans this is still obtainable. As far as a crimson branch, you can use for regular trades just like any other trading post. And even then, you dont need a trading post to trade.
  12. They stated on stream that basically you have to have a built part in each slot. Ordnance is also included. They mentioned any parts from either clan dojo bps or wreckage found in field.
  13. Don't look like it that have same symbol in photo. They fit into the 2nd slot.
  14. Ok after reading script, watching video the day of release, and then returning after March 9th update to read changes, and then today reading responses so far 18/43 pages I wanted to share my opinion. I still plan on reading the remaining pages of the forum. May update later. I thought about quoting alot of valid points but decided to just like the comments and omit from my post to shorten and summarize my shared feelings and add my own. First and foremost, I'm sure all those at DE are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this large change and massive amounts of mixed
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