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  1. Sp basically more Deimos only in this case locking things less people care about? Honestly some of us like the core game play and do not want to moved away from it. I dont hate RJ, but being forced to do it would put me off it. As most of the time it DRAGS out, the co-op idea was cool, but the fact is it is a pain to random a crew worth doing a run with.
  2. I think you are the third person to point this out; at least this time the DE fan boys are not in here claiming there is "no difficulty" and they "hope you are not in collage" if you can not remember 5 things. Ya, due to the choices of clues and the graphics used some of these were too close to the other 2 false choices.
  3. If you read the whole of what I posted, I was referring to the fact that depending what spawned for you some of them look identical. So this is less about needing to remember 5 things (and if you had to you could write the words, numbers, and so on they gave on paper before you go). I was refering to some of the clue sets you could get all 3 were all but identical: where others were CLEAR differences like 3 blades, triangle handle, plain handle, or 3 different people... So at that point it is not a memory game, it is a failed run to know which one is that one one where all 3 look more or less
  4. About sums it up: and has been the theme as of late. And I do not like it at all. Honestly will probably like this sword; mad that I needed to mine to get it but that is what it is. But we pick and mod gear to how we play, locking us to a "gimmick" for a fight is a slap in the face. They need to stop turning the tools off.
  5. SPOILERS!!!! I think we need to say that when we talk about things you may not have got to yet. There is a quest where during it he is abducted. If you never complete it at that point he is GONE and shut up.
  6. I would tend to agree: honestly you can beet the whole game with MR 5 gear, so if they are going to LOCK out gear there is relay no reason to have an inventory or slots at all. Great no one needs plat at all any more. Not sure how DE plans to make that work for them? The point of gear beyond MR 5 is to have the game be "less grindy". Better gear and frames help you actually get to a point that you can "enjoy" things you hated when you started. The "reset" to this and other resent stuff is a slap in the face of "why did you bother playing at all"? And now my expectation is next update will be a
  7. I also what to say it is ODD that the thread that says this fight sucks is locked, and the one that says it is good is left open: seems like DE trying to pad the conversation on this mess.
  8. OK, while as of late I want to COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN at DE: I want to also try and be constructive, because while trash these last few updates did have a core that was the "right direction" to go. THE GOOD The lore: any time they expand the story it is good While annoying the connection of the story with the glass span, but there is parts of this that will be in bad. Having a boss fight with VITRICA which seems like a War+ is good and to a point makes it worth bothering; but more on the BAD of this fight in "THE BAD" THE BAD The glass spawn were resonance
  9. Ya what is it with DE and forcing us not to play the game as of late? This fight would have been fun with Titania flying around... having your gear, honesty while I may go do it for the sword, this feels more like an MR test than a boss fight, Try today and if it glitched wait 24 hours to farm more resonance.
  10. It is a glitch, not fun one. Even when this stuff works... it is not fun. It is a tossed in time gate that is just not fun. At one point flew around for an hour dong NOTHING but this and still have not one of the tags you need to rank. That was the point I just gave up on even playing Demos at all. Since have only been back one time to help a clan mate. People argue "it can be done"; the problem is it is still no fun, and you play the game to have fun, not to avoid fun to play a hunter simulator. Unless they lose the need to have tags or make them drop from bounties or vaults... unless t
  11. The Helminth is locked behoind an activity many players avoid doing at all, and as a result of that wall of no fun it is locked under many players will never have it nor play that part of the game at all. So please stop up selling it. "The Helminth is ready... " implies it is in the ship and active. Not locked inactive. Honestly every time I see that LIE!!! I lose any will to bother waiting on the screen to load. I will NEVER EVER EVER do the conservation, so unless you have an update to remove that need please stop the up sale.
  12. Honestly based on what I am seeing people post I am not even going to bother. Sounds like it has a Protea like mechanic, and I have NO INTEREST AT ALL. At this point DE has screwed up the last few updates so much... that unless others vouch for it, I just assume I should save my self the frustration and not bother at all.
  13. Based on the DO NOT POST FEEDBACK they dumped on "General" I would tend to agree with you; IMO they just do not care any more, if they ever did at all. I think the point of the newer updates is to make you quit the game or give up and buy the frame. I would consider it for the Helminth, but at this point am just mad. The try and force you to go to Deimos trick or treat is just sad.
  14. i would not say "too stupid"; I would say we find it no fun at all. And not much point to spending time on a game that is no fun. There are parts that are fun, and every one has their option on what those are. And to many this is such a pointless not fun part of the game that it is actively avoided at any cost. In may case I don't even bother with Deimos or even trying to complete the Protea fight at the end of the quest because frankly it just would not be fun or a good use of down time for me. Instead I do something I have fun with. I would probably have fun maxing out a Helminth; but have z
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