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  1. i choose B. revert back to the previous Radial blind.
  2. Thanks Aveox. It did capture the pics in that folder. But, previously, i had been opening windows Paint and pasting it. Usually I use printscreen button. Thanks.
  3. I hope they bring back the previous Trinity helmet mask. It was perfect, now is totally opposite.
  4. Having the same problem, taking screenshot in windows is working. F6 don't work either. but i do hear the camera sound effect.
  5. Hope someone will design a gold or silver Dual Zoren skin :DD
  6. Usually if i keep getting the same item, i will just play other missions, and try farm for that specific part on another day.
  7. Logged into game just now, and the Please Ensure Port 4950, 4955 popped up. My ports are all opened.. update: logged in just now, and this happened again..
  8. All hail the magnificent Lotus, my Torid saved :DD but i'm still concern abt the 20 ammo change as Torid is different from Penta and Ogris
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