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  1. Yes, yes! Bat like wings and good drop ❤️ I'm still waiting for a great outfit or hairstyle for the Operator and Corpus like Railjack skin. Anyway - thanks 🥰
  2. Question: Something new about Revenant Deluxe skin or for Operator outfit\hairstyle? 👀 Can't wait for watch! Thanks ❤️
  3. If we still don't have a 100% chance of dropping Corrupted Holokey, then the Resource Booster could double the amount (if it drops)? I've spent more than an hour grind lately, and I haven't had any Holo from missions. 🙃 Anyway: thanks for extra drop. 💗
  4. I noticed that when I took the Eros Wings Ephemera from the Operator, the problem is less frequent but still... 🙄
  5. Hi 😄 sorry if i chose the wrong tag (idk that this is AI or Performance category) I saw an old post about it (from 2020) there: In the video it looks the same for me, but after using Void Dash I can't move at all. How it looks: After (not always!) Void Dash Operator is stuck in the ground and cannot run any further (runs in place), when I return to Warframe it also cannot move. I must then return to the Operator (standing still) and then I can enter Warframe again and then I can move again. This is very frustrating... 😪 I don't know if it matters, but it is most common with Zenurik school (I use it the most, so I won't write about other schools). After founding of Koppra Leggings this error occurred for the first time (maybe that's the coincidence?). My friend, who also uses the Zenurik school, but different clothes, don't have this problem.
  6. Any chance for new Operator hairstyles and Corpus like Railjack skin (mean this blues holo, "round" shape etc)? And just waiting for news! 🥰
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