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  1. Wow, melee rivens being untouched for, I don't even know how many years, and THIS is what we get? Galatine Prime, the previous top dog, long ago: Galatine Prime: 0.5->0.55 Gram Prime, the upgraded version in every way!: Gram Prime: 1.44->1.25 Are we as a community being punk'd??? We all knew Gram Prime needed a disposition nerf, and this is how you approach it? Anyone with a minimum understanding of balance in general and how you have approached balance, can see, that Gram is gonna keep getting nerfed. Why not make it as balanced as possible from the beginning, now that you are touching dispositions for the first time in YEARS? We all know what will happen; it's gonna get nerfed over and over, until it reaches 0.X disposition, so why not do that now???? Again, gram is superioer in every way to Galatine, so what should have happend? Galatine Prime: 0.5->0.9 Gram Prime: 1.44->0.5 Something like this, is probably what needed to happen, if we wanted these 2 weapons to be similar in power. Gram Prime disposition is a leftover from when there was no Gram Prime for crying out loud. Ugh, I can't believe this pulling the band off slowly approach is what you chose to do - what a complete JOKE! Speaking of leftover disposition - lets look at "buffs": Atterax: 0.5->0.7 Rakta Dark Dagger: 0.52->0.6 Galatine Prime: 0.5->0.55 Hirudo: 0.5->0.7 Secura Lecta: 0.5->0.65 Venka Prime: 0.5->0.65 These weapons used to be good long long ago, and useful for different things, and they got ridicoulesly low dispositions because of that. But now, in 2020? Why the actual f*ck, would I ever use Rakta Dark Dagger over Gram Prime, or grind for a good riven for it? Rakta got trash stats, trash range, trash stances and 0.6 disposition? People might have used it ever so briefly because of the shield gimmick, but you nerfed that of course, but I'm sure some genius looked at the stats for the last 30 days, and saw it being used, and figured "Oof, this weapon with 12% CC and 1,8X CD? We better be careful - 0.6 disposition is the highest we dare go right now! Whats that, Gram Prime? Oh yeah, that 32% CC and 2,6X CD is CLEARLY not enough. Rivens will help this weapon. 1.25 disposition seems fair!" WHAT???? ????
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