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  1. I'm having an issue with the game after this update. I play on a 21:9 screen, and the image is butchered. It's kinda zoomed in too far, so I won't get the whole screen. Tried messing around with diffrent settings, but can't seem to fix it.
  2. Amalgam Organ Shatter was introduced and it's supposed to give 60% charge attack speed. Well, it does but not for throwing/shooting melee weapons such as Glaive, gunblade etc. We also have the aura Empowered Blades that suffer from the same fate - doesn't affect Glaives etc. But why? Is it not considered a Charge Attack, when you hold down E with a "RANGED MELEE WEAPON"? Imagine being a new player how confusing that is, if this is indeed intentional. Furthermore, Amalgam Organ Shatter and Empowered Blades DOES affect Caustacyst which is a scytche that throws a disc of energy from the scytche after a charge attack. So it's a ranged attack. But, you don't actually throw the weapon itself... Therefore... It's different? Lastly, noone uses charge attacks and chances are that the few people that are (myself included), are using either a glaive, gunblade or Sancti Magistar. So why not have ithese mods affect all charge attacks? For simplicity, logical thinking and the fun of messing with builds - please take a look at this and "fix(?)" these mods.
  3. @Apav Right you are. I meant in the sense of how I would play the game, but yeah, it's actually worse when u really dig into it.
  4. Like a lot of people mentioned; the hold RMB melee combos are pretty bad, because you automatically switch to your primary/secondary when u stop attacking. Moving on... I'm a bit surprised one of the core problems with melee was not addressed even after you talked about it before, namely melee range. Like, this patch doesn't really change a whole lot in terms of what melee weapons would be considered good/viable. Claws, daggers, swords, sparring, fists etc all still feel as useless as ever because u have to be in kissing range to actually hit anyone with them. And with the fluid transitions from primary to melee you will realistically always be better off just shooting rather than trying to hug the enemies. So yeah, polearms and whips are still king. Meme Strike is still a thing. Melee rework overall? Meh, honestly changes nothing. I always used quick melee polearms anyway, never bothered with swapping around so nothing is really changed for me. Pretty disappointed.
  5. Im a huge fan of these changes! I have been hoping for other ways than Nekros to take advantage of Health Conversion so this is a very welcome change. Im also a big fan of 90% damage reduction as opposed to invulnerability because of arcanes, rage etc. Very pleased with this - Will definitely buy the new skin which looks fantastic!
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