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  1. Dispatch Overdrive isn't listed as a Melee Combo Counter Mod, Acolyte Mod, or Amalgam Mod, so I'm wonder why can't it be used on Diwata? Its exclusion from use isn't mentioned on the mod's, Diwata's, or Titania's pages, so I can't find why it's excluded. I think this is a bug since there's no reason stated why it's excluded.
  2. Relics pretty much have one purpose, which is to give prime parts. They have a secondary effect of giving void traces when they're open. A lot of people have dozens or hundreds of relics that they will never use. I think more variety should be given to relics, by allowing them to be dissolved, without the need of running a mission, into void traces. Balance can be whatever DE decides, but I think a good start would be lith/meso/neo/axi should give 5/10/15/20 traces. If the relic is enhanced, the relic should return half that was put into it.
  3. How about 5/10/15/20 for lith/meso/neo/axi and 1/2 of the upgrade cost?
  4. Are people building up a surplus of them? I think a better feature might be to just turn them into endo, since that's one thing you can do with rivens. This is so that there isn't much resource crossover.
  5. Ahh. "Whale" is just the nomenclature for those type of people. There's also "dolphins" who spend less. It stems from casino culture and the fact most games that use microtransactions feel like gambling. I thought everyone knew these terms -- maybe not the origins. Now, I should say the quote I used before is of when DE removed a feature because it was like gambling. I very much like the way DE employs microtransactions, as they're not too intrusive, and you really just need to sell 1 or 2 items to get enough plat for something.
  6. The parent company did just sell out to Tencent, and the player base is dipping. Like, I like the game, but the signs are showing a bit.
  7. Last year's lowest dip was down to 65k. This months peek was 70k, and that's high. So...
  8. You're welcome to believe that. The question is "what happened to warframe." Saying "we do don't know if there's a problem" when we have a metric indicating a problem would be a bit ignorant. We could have all the data and know for sure, but we don't. I still think steam's data is a representative of a subpopulation of the game, so you can make an accurate conjecture with that data. The game is dying.
  9. Go calculated it yourself if you doubt it. Each relic opening is an independent variable, and binomial probability takes that into account. Theoretical probability, over many iterations, is equivalent to the tested results, by law of averages. As I've said, experiences may vary. I'm OP. OP says it's on topic. I'm requesting a new way to make traces that makes use of ANY relic,. All impacts that this may have is part of the discussion, as I've asked people to tell me what they think of it. Haven't asked for this. Adding this feature would be good, as it would increase in game ma
  10. Most people who talked about EGS installed WF through it and immediately uninstalled after getting the rewards. If you look at the metrics, EGS had no noticeable impact on player count on steam's metrics. Also, Steam's metric isn't flawed. The best you could say is that it's incomplete, but, still, it's a sample, which can and does accurately display what percentage of the player base left after 6 month. Sampling is comparable, as EGS has existed for half a month and the trend I'm talking about is over 6 months.
  11. Statistically speaking, it's a subsample of the population of WF. The subsample shows that player base has declined to a 3rd of what is was 6 months ago. Subsamples are a good methodology of polling a population to get a good approximation. You can choose to be undecisive, but it's better to work with the data you have than to wait for perfect data that will never come.
  12. Make due with what you have. If this was science, I'd collect more data, but DE holds the key. DE can release metrics, or Steam is the metric. It's their choice.
  13. It's the only metric. DE can release metrics or Steam will be the only metric and will be what people use to measure WF's activity.
  14. There wasn't a sharp decline in the charts when EGS released WF on their store. Steam actually had more people playing WF after it was released on EGS. In other words, EGS changed nothing.
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