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  1. I only agree on trading part. Reason for DE's refusal to do that is rather obvious: its all about money, if they do auction house - plat purchases will dwindle, simple as that. Regardless if DE admits it or not - its the truth and everyone knows it. But everything else in the post.... man, im having hard time deciding if its a troll post or poorly constructed rant.
  2. Bug(in terms that you got in there). But also maybe hopefully perhaps a sneak peak towards next repaired relay, eh?
  3. Translation: "We know community is outraged, what if instead of "oh you" and slap on a hand we would go a bit further and make mods in question change their name and do nothing else? Thats enough for the issue being swept under the rug in 2-3 months?" - So much for "hard decisions" that wont be influinced by your frienship with certain people, Bear. Thats barely scratching the surface of the issue. Spoiler: wont be enough to sweep everything under a rug either, just you wait till your friendos gonna ban someone else for nothing and then we go again.
  4. Wait, warframe's abilities sure, but weapon mods too? So its not supposed to be affected by anything? Well thats just going to be garbage arcane and a lot of upset people who got hooked into buying it for platinum from other people....
  5. Pax Seeker still alive, for a lil bit longer LUL
  6. Lol what is this comparisson? Im sorry have you had to pay to recieve these drops? Or do anything for that matter? No, linking account and opening any stream is all you had to do. And i bet first was already done long ago and second is just having stream on mute on the background\2nd pc\phone\whatever esle - What an effort.
  7. Mine so far and i loved every single one of them: Alertium - 3 Oxium - 5 Credits - 86 Noggle - 1 Glyph Display - 12 Fireworks - 29 Relics - 8 Wisps - 2 Also, its funny how people dont like their free stuff. "Whaaa what is this free stuff i got for doing nothing? Whaaaaa i want better free stuff for doing nothing!!!!1111" *insert crying baby img here*
  8. Did DE ever say if pet vacuum mod gonna vacuum to your frame or the pet? Now hear me out, of course logical way would be the pet, just like with sentinelts it goes into sentinel. BUT, with current pathfinding.... oof, vacuum on pets with pathfinding as it is now isnt much better than no vacuum at all.
  9. I like Khora and Nidus drops. Not that i need them, but its nice that at least some tenno wont have to endure that horrible grind xD I wonder what other drops are there, aside of rifle riven, and how DE gonna do this, just their own stream(s) or like it was with Plains?
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