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  1. Alright so this is after the round two of xaku changes and here are some ideas on how to improve Xaku: Passive: It’s passive will have enemies go into a “voided” state. When enemies are “voided” a state that enemies are in when they have either taken damage or have been affected by xaku’s abilities and survived. What this does is it will essentially “decay” their damage output meaning that slowly over time when they become voided their damage slowly gets reduced over time. Not only that but this voided state also affects xaku’s abilities where if dealing damage against voided enemies They
  2. So I’m currently rebuilding our dojo and am planning to destroy most of the rooms and build it from the ground up. My question is since our clan has a grand hall as our spawn point will I be able to destroy the lower tier halls such greater and great halls? If so what happens? Also I’m wondering what happens to decoration that is in a room being destroyed.
  3. So I got a tenora riven mod that is unrolled how much would this riven go for? these are the stats: +14.6% puncture +14.8% impact And also should I wait until it’s primed version is released along with Octavia to sell in case it gets more expensive?
  4. It will probably be either in the next update with xaku or in the next major update like adding a warframe
  5. Personally I feel Grasp of Lohk Could use some more range on it but overall I like the changes
  6. So I got myself a panzer vulpaphyla With the Adra and played mutagen and antigen since it is almost immortal and so far has died only once without any mods other than the default ones, what build should I use for it?
  7. Well you can never have too much shields right?
  8. Ok so I am currently working for a Volt discharge build and this is what I have so far: corrosive Projection for aura Power Drift for exilus Umbral Intensify Transient Fortitude Blind Rage Redirection Stretch Augur Reach Capacitance Primed Flow/Streeamline for the final mod spot which would you suggest because I am not sure. Also am open to suggestions on my build
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