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  1. Snipetron used to be available for Plague Star which I never had time to actually do, due to my work at the time making me unavailable. But now that Plague Star has been canceled this year and the other 2 MR providing weapons have been provided through Daugter's Naberus event, is there any plan on bringing back Snipetron via another method? Once I collect the items from Nezha prime, the Snipetron will be The only item I am missing.
  2. Except Larva is an instant grab and Ensnare takes quite a bit of setup. All the enemies from Larva are going to be dead before Ensnare even half finishes its clump. Plus Larva is a much closer clump with is much better for punch through abilities and weapons like Blaze Artillery.
  3. Wait, you telling me you haven't already re-farmed the whole roster of basic frames again even knowing there might be a lot of changes? Well me neither. Can't complete the list because of Simaris standing. Only have Titania left so I'm close enough for now.
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