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  1. This is my humble submission. ❤ Octavia Prime Diva Skin (TennoGen) Sari Syandana (TennoGen) Avia Prime Armor Set. Song: Fast Cars & Mag Farms Note: I don't know much about Video Editing so lol. PS4 @SilentEcho999
  2. Too much work for some untradable Platinum. I don't even know how to record on playstation lol
  3. Some of those streams are at 1:00am and 4:00am in my country UAE 🇦🇪 so yh, but I still watch if the drops are nice.
  4. Physical Valentines @HellsGarden (PS4) Chibi Wisp Says: Happy Valentines Day Tennos!
  5. A guideline on how to upload photos would be very much appreciated. 💗
  6. For starters, I ask this on behalf of the many... How may we upload a photo on forums, it seems a bit complicated using a url.
  7. Beautiful image... Would you mine showing me how to upload an image please?
  8. {UnEdited} Mustache: The Magnum With A Great Stash Comes Great Responsibility... And Let’s be real no frame can pull a Magnum Mustache except for ATLAS The Titan! Stay Safe And May The Stache Be With You. PSN: SilentEcho999 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14NIf3PwiogBik5IF7Jl3L-B3wrA4_LBO/view?usp=sharing
  9. Anyone Would Be Kind Enough To Explain How To Properly Upload An Image, Please?
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