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  1. I've heard of an old clan but forgot the name of, its one of first clans on playstation. Any possible ways to find a list of clans?
  2. Still haven't gotten 2 drops from yesterday. Linked and unlinked.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Danielle Hello DE, I was wondering, since old vaulted decoration are coming back as twitch drops.. Is there any way that you could bring back the Necramech statue? It's an epic piece and I love it so much. I was one of the lucky ones to get it but unfortunately my hubby and friends didn't, Real life you know... So maybe another chance as a Grabbag?
  4. Lovely drops 💗 Though its only for three days so better be on time or miss a drop or two.
  5. Streams is how I know, hopefully theh dont postpone it I'm actually excited to have a better way to recruit
  6. They said nothing about it tho, unless I didn't notice it
  7. NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE, Must... Have... Forma!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤
  8. I do not do SE farm at all but I would love for it to stay as an option. DE listens to new players and spits on Vets and that's not acceptable. Vets are the ones who help ppl and spread good word about the game. A noob will not understand the point of view of a veteran player because they dont have the same amount of effort or hours put into this game so of course noobs will be ok with this nerf. The 1st nerf worked 99% as they intended it to be, They didn't expect players to work around it and use smeeta's charm to farm about as many as you'd get with Eximis kills before.. so as always DE calls it an accident and decides to make it "Hard", but then also DE: Lets all ranks able to do almost everything in-game including event missions, Gives out Rdy to use Mechs in missions, Puts Railjack in market for purchase and reduces time drastically in quest, ect. Where's the hard part in that? DE doesn't realise that what they do affects actual loyal players that spend years on game and decides that new players that probably play for acouple of months then quits are the priority for some reason. You want a good suggestion? Give ppl a cool down if they farmed too much or give a good weekly limit to how much you can farm. Stop Nerfing things and calling it a "Fix". >>If it's not broken dont fix it<<.
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