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  1. *cracks knuckles* Where do i start... (TL;DR at the bottom) Firstly, arbitrations are not endgame missions, the enemy level off the start should be higher, the enemies should scale normally (honestly noone knows why this wasnt right off the bat). Secondly, The problem with arbitrations is that it is not challenging but instead annoying because of the drones. ''The most polarising of these issues is the lack of revives'' I cant even comprehend this. First of all: The no revives thing makes no sense in on itself when regular endless missions are harder and they have revives, it doesnt make it any harder just annoying and limits the frame choice to Inaros or wukong because these frames dont care for random ticks of damage that 1 shots every other frame. Most people that die are low MR players that dont understand the concept of endgame mission means hard mission (but i digress, if they want no revives fine let em have no revives). however the pickups must have an option to be picked up i refuse to be crippled permanently because some noob died right off the bat. Secondly: The issue is the invincibility drones they are nullifiers on steroids, rare things in the game are as annoying and anti fun, at the very least nullifiers have a set range of protection and can be damaged by exhalted weapons. If you want Juggernauts so badly just make a higher % of Eximus spawns (dont overdo it to sortie level though, theres a limit to things) Thirdly: Rewards. Stop being scared to rewards the players i dont know an easier way to put this. The game mode is supposed to be for veterans, ayatans are fine, what isnt fine is endo especially when you get 3x the ammount in Arena for the same time spent. The reason people dont play arbitrations is because they take so god damn long my clan mates and I only play (if we do) when there is either Excavation or Interception for a reason. If the rotations were normal (5 mins, 5 waves, etc...) we would be fine even if we get 40% of the ammount of a reward we'd get for 10min, 10wave, rotations. Which is a good segway to my next point. Fourthly: Actual rewards, give us a reason to play them. Endo, Endo, Endo, and 2 useful mods... who is this gamemode for again? Give us actual reason to play this because as of now, we get the 2 mods, seeding step and some vitus and Bam, Never have to play again. The rewards we want are built forma, Kuva (cca 3000, which is just under 1 roll), Endo that scales key word here scales with the duration of the mission (and larger ammounts, as of now doing arena is 1.67x faster and over 3x as fast with a booster to get endo), Rare mods, even Veiled rivens why not, honestly why not?. cosmetics like syndanas and armor are also a great idea for the Vitus vendor. Hell, put umbral forma in the vitus endor i guarantee you all veterans will be spamming arbitrations then. Releasing umbral forma crossed the point of no return meaning there is no reason why we shouldnt have more. ''we will be adding a new reward mentioned long ago - Archgun Rivens'' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA do i really even have to say anything? First of all noone plays archwing, the gamemode is boring and unrewarding, everyone agrees on this and i mean everyone. (okay i admit, like the conclave there might be those 30 players out of 51,000,000 registered who actually like and play it). Secondly, give us a good reason why is there a 90 riven cap? Whats the point in adding rivens in general when we are at capacity? Considering you can use archguns in normal missions now i understand the appeal however TL;DR: - Increase enemy level - change or better yet remove arbitration drones (replace them with higher eximus spawn %) - change rotations to every 5 instead of 10 i cant stress this enough - give us actual and meaningful rewards - Tweak rivens hopefully DE might see it and we dont get this: new update: -literally nothing we want gets implemented -wisp parts drop on rotation C of arbitrations -arbi drones now have rotating damage immunity like the proffit taker -abilities now go on cooldown if overused like ESO -we still dont get actual endgame ever since void keys got murdered
  2. Completely Random and irrelevant Buffs/nerfs. They make absolutely no sense, it has to be random...
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