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  1. Ok, people obviously get worried for no reason at all. This is not how laws and corporate ownership works. If Chinese law enforcement comes knocking at a Tencent sub's door and demands access to servers which are on Chinese sovereign soil they are legally obligated to comply. While Tencent will perhaps own Leyou, which in turn owns DE, DE is a separate legal entity which is not located in China, whose data servers are not in China and in no way beholden to give access to its data. In fact, quite forbidden to do so without prior notice and consent to do anything with that data. If they do so DE, and its management, are liable for serious fines and likely jail time. I'm sorry, but fearing Tencent will turn Warframe into spyware are going to run off with your private data really is tinfoil hat territory. Now, while Warframe's profit went down in 2019, DE is still profitable. I have on numerous occasions linked to articles commenting on Tencent's reputation of being hands-off with their western investments. You may choose to worry of course, nobody can see in the future, but it would be out of character for them. More likely is that they took over Leyou to deny it to their main Chinese competitor and to bolster ChinaFrame.
  2. Why not both? 🙂 I have already spent more platinum on my operator than I should, and will no doubt spend even more if given the choice 🙎‍♀️ One is visuals, models and UI adjustment, the other the deeper core of the gameplay loop and reward structure which needs a serious overhaul. Definitely two different groups of devs, so it's not like one would take time from the other.
  3. Is alt-right an inflammatory term nowadays? Or ctrl-left? I mean, full disclosure, I'm solidly in the progressive camp, and I, personally, think ctr-left is a much more neutral term than SJW, NPC, Karen or whatever the insult-du-jour is. I'm lbgt+, so you get no argument from me that nationalism, bigotry, sexism, racism, the various -phobia's and intolerance in general are on the rise and something to oppose. Yet somehow, along the way, this has become a matter of left vs right, like so many other things, such as wearing a mask in the middle of a viral outbreak for example. There is no sense to it. Anyway, framing the question as: 'Do you want to be able to pick your own body, instead of Warframe not giving you any choice and just assigning you one of two options based on your choice of face' is much less likely to create the entirely predictable non-discussion.
  4. Ah, yes, I agree. Let me clarify, it is an exclusive activity because not many can do such a long endurance run, be it because of scheduling issues or lack of desire does not matter.
  5. Be baffled all you want, but those are, in very broad strokes, the two sides of the online culture war, and there are a great number of less flattering terms to describe them. I see no problem in calling them out when they are going at it again. Is it a problem to pick voice, face and body instead of letting face determine the operator's body? Don't think so, no, just a matter of adding another selection box, something they must do anyway if they ever want to give us more options in bodytypes. It's as simple as that, no reason to drag in the culture war.
  6. Yeah, going with good farming squads on multi-hour endurance runs can get decent numbers apparently. The slivers get in the way though. You'll get more slivers than you can ever use, but hey, first world problem, I guess. And of course you'll get hit with a trade ban but what else is new. That is a bit of a pickle actually. Obviously multi-hour runs with a dedicated farm squad is a pretty exclusive activity, and increasing the numbers on the side of those who don't will result in epic hauls for those that do when all the multipliers start to stack. Not a lot of margin to play with here... Of course the main issue is the way they set this up: giving the Steel Essences as rare drops from specific types of enemies instead of as an extra bonus reward on your mission success screen....
  7. Eh, welcome to the culture war. You shouldn't let the 'ctrl-left' and 'alt-right' keyboard meme warriors control you. Actually Warframe is doing this in a very respectful way already, at no point assigning a gender label, handily sidestepping the whole issue. It would just be pick head + pick body instead of just the head. Seriously, more options are sorely needed, not just body anyway, from hair to animation.
  8. Nah, the moment you start turning this is into 'Social Justice Brigade' vs whomever you are making it into a culture war thingy. You, not anyone else here. All the OP asks for is to mix and match face and bodytype. Now face determines bodytype. It's a small thingy, and trust me, nobody on the 'social justice' side of things will come baying on how 'evil, hateful and bigoted' such a change will be.
  9. You guys realize Warframe is already owned by a Chinese company, right? Going to uninstall Discord and Spotify? Never visit reddit? Or play any other game they have stakes in? Anyway, as long as the data-servers are not in China or a place without adequate legal protection it can't be touched. This trumpian fever-dream of declaring all Chinese-owned software and hardware as spyware makes little to no sense. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/10/tech/us-china-global-tech-war-intl-hnk/index.html Tencent is a multinational, a sprawling giant, so they are by definition not angels. But they a ways to go before they can join the exalted ranks of the greatest villains, such as Monsanto, Nestle, Coca Cola, Chiquita, Amazon, Facebook, Google and the list goes on and on.
  10. Fine, more 'proof', this time from an article from 2019: https://www.pcgamer.com/au/every-game-company-that-tencent-has-invested-in/ Do note the multiple mentions if they leave their investments independent. Oh, especially the mention of how Riot Games was apparently free enough to flat-out refuse to make a mobile game version. Of course Tencent, while leaving the choice with Riot Games, does not give a #*!% about IP and just let one of their other companies make a clone which went on to become one of the most successful Chinese mobile games, so yeah, Riot Games kinda was stupid there and missed out on a great thing. But now they're making their own mobile version, so yeah. Ah, and another mention of their hands-off reputation, this time outside the games industry when they, for once, were not: https://technode.com/2020/06/11/tencent-moves-to-integrate-movie-and-fan-fiction-platforms/ I have no idea what Firefall has to do with this. Sure, The9 is Chinese as well, but it's not Tencent? As to why it failed? Totally their own crappy management. They kept remaking the game, management kept changing direction and of course the player base melted away and never restored itself. Oh, Red5 blamed it all on Mark Kern but things got worse under new management who never had the patience to let their changes pan out. "#*!% it. Remake it Again!" They remade the game so many times! Can The9 share in the blame? Absolutely, sometimes hands-off, which was apparently also their style, is not the way to go. Anyway, you do not have to believe me that this is actually the reputation in business Tencent has build up over the years. I don't care, honestly, but I invite you to go look for yourself. Yeah, they're obviously not angels, but they leave their subs the freedom to chart their own path without meddling overly much.
  11. No, why don't we expect anything, because we lack sufficient information. Past acquisitions suggest there is nothing to worry about, except the mistakes DE management will make without any outside help. No, I'm sure you are not, but most industry watchers, both inside and outside the gaming sector, do not seem to share that concern.
  12. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2016-06-24-tencent-is-the-games-industrys-silent-giant https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2147313 And you can keep on googling. Tencent is internationally known for its hands-off investment style. So much so that it came as a surprise that in a recent acquisition (outside the gaming business I believe) they changed management. Tencent has little interest in micro-management. Just check how big they are and how diverse their investments.
  13. Yes, that LoL. And all that stuff is Riot Games themselves. Beck and Merrill are still in charge and calling the shots. Tencent actually was among the first investors. They've always been a part of Riot Games and LoL.
  14. League of Legends and Fortnite also operate without interference from Tencent. They are known to be hands-off. Also, the deal is not done. Exclusivity agreement means they are negotiating in earnest and no one else is allowed to talk to Leyou, but it can still be called off.
  15. Ah? Tencent getting involved directly? That is good news indeed. Nah, they haven't done such a thing with any of their big name western acquisitions. Tencent actually has the reputatiion of being a pretty hands-off holding company for their foreign properties. Also, exclusivity agreement doesn't mean the deal is made. It just gives an agreed upon time in which both parties sit down and enter negotiations without others butting in. It does mean Leyou likes Tencent's opening offer.
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