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  1. The three usual suspects CC, CD, Damage (Base or Elemental, it's all good), and for catchmoon you can definitely add projectile speed into the god-roll mix. Add a harmless negative of course. Hey, not defending the jackpot design here, and no, odds for getting a winner are low. Problem is that the 0,5 dispo weapons (which have earned that rating, not the new ones) really don't need something to widen the gap between them and the rest, on the contrary.
  2. Meh, wish it were an actual option, but it isn't. You can't do the regular activities such as relics, sorties, ESO or arbitrations in Steel Path mode. Just like not everyone wants to be forced to use the meta (which is a ridiculous exaggeration imho) some would prefer to apply the Steel Path modifiers to the missions we actually play on a daily basis instead of just the regular starmap missions, which you don't, because there is very rarely a reason to play them. Lets start with opening up the SP mode to the game-modes we actually play first.
  3. 0,5 Disposition for the best weapons is very much ok. Raising it will only widen the gap between the good and the bad. Though there could be tweaks to what disposition does, like putting a hard cap on how much a certain stat can be raised in total, meaning after all mods are taken into consideration. Being able to stack the power stats into the stratosphere is why rivens fail in leveling the meta. The excessive RNG needs to go though if you move in this direction. Well, needs to be severely reduced in general. Putting in time to make progress is good, playing a jackpot sucks. I'd ra
  4. Saryn's claim to OP'ness is basically ESO and similarly constrained maps. There are other frames which are comparable there such as Volt, etc. I almost never see Saryn outside ESO, so, eh? Personally I don't mind the map-clearing ESO frames. Without them to make the focus-farm there competitive vs solo stealth shenanigans, the entire game-mode would be rendered utterly pointless. Anyway, if balance means kill-stealing everything, I'd rather they start with buffing SP rewards and adding fissures, sorties and arbitrations there. Preferably combined with tweaking public matchmaking to make t
  5. Yeah, Armor stripping helps, but not really necessary for Tyl Regor. All you need for him is your trusty heavy attack gunblade of choice and he's toast.
  6. Brand new content will always be necessary, but establishing a dev team purely focused on tightening, connecting and where necessary expanding the old content to fill in gaps would be wise move. When you start out as a new player you are confronted with a very confusing behemoth of a game which offers little to no guidance to navigate or understand it, with a wide array of fiddly subsystems. It feels unnecessarily bloated in places while simultaneously managing to come across as disjointed and fragmented, clearly unfinished. The game could really do with some polishing.
  7. Between Rolling Guard and shieldgating every frame can be immortal, or as close the difference is rather academic. Except Inaros. Poor boy is actually the only frame that can be one-shotted, Ok, you need to déép in an endurance mission, like somewhere above lvl 500 deep, but still, at that point he becomes the most squishy frame in the game. Anyway, as for the OP, expecting to press 4 at the start of the mission and it lasting until the end is not the sort of rework that ability needs in my opinion. The invulnerablity could be taken away and I would actually consider Hysteria to be better
  8. An unlimited AH would be a mistake. The market is already totally flooded. If I look at my WF market orders I offer more than 80 lines, and I have long ago stopped offering the stuff that is below 5 platinum. But trading being such a mess and a timesink would make it even worse if just the timesink part was removed. On the other hand, it's an even greater disincentive for the buying side. Selling we need to do, buying not so much. Eh. That said, an AH with the right sort of limits built in could help address some issues and improve the health of the market. Limits like on how many items y
  9. Ah, so now we've shifted to just saying that my statement was false instead of claiming I said the exact opposite of what I actually did? I guess that's progress! Bravo! Wooot! More progress! Hey I wasn't the one arguing that people don't look at the lowest prices. Quelle surprise indeed! The prices those offline sellers are offering are still keeping the prices around that level. It is still saying to buyers they should hold out until the product they're after is offered at that price. But I am also not talking about just dragging warframe market to be acces
  10. Oh, is this going to be another one of those 'I'm going to lie about what you said and stick to it like a mini-Trump'? No those listings were, and are changing, the whole freaking time. The listings getting sold are the ones in the price ranges of the cheaper offlines and you would know that if you trade on that site. The rest will just generally... sit there. Look, babble all you want and pretend that people are morons and aren't able to use the tools that spell out for them what is a good or bad bargain, but those sites exist and are used. Denying that, saying they don'
  11. lol, no. The second entry on the offlines of Ivara was also 35, which puts offline and online close enough. I mean, what, you want them to be exactly the same? It also means that 25 went, and that 28 appeared on sale, though that person put himself on inactive, but obviously he is around and might be appearing again any moment. People set themselves as online and offline all the time! Seriously, anyone who asks here, or in any of the ingame chats what a mod or riven is worth is directed to warframe market or zemlar. Of course people use these places for checking out prices. Oh,
  12. Sure, and I checked Ivara and Nova and online and offline were similar. Also, if you were looking to buy and you saw those Chroma prices, would you buy or wait a couple of hours to see if those low prices were a fluke? Yeah, no, I'm betting the majority has a modicum of self-control and those prices will converge as the evening progresses. I know what choice I would make ;-) But hey, I wish those sellers all the luck. May this be an evening of the impulse-control-impaired!
  13. Good thing I'm not saying that! The prices you can realistically ask will be around what others have been asking, whether or not they have logged off or not. Both sellers and buyers can look at warframe market and semlar and see what you are offering is a bargain or overpriced. Your competition is therefore not just people online and willing to trade, and it is all of those offers combined, the total supply, offset against the demand that determines the price. Obviously no one can buy from an offline person in WF, but they are very unlikely to buy from you either of enough of those o
  14. The part I disagree with is that that the current system is not limiting supply the way you describe. Whether or not a seller is available to trade or not is immaterial. Their offers are still listed on warframe market. The potential seller is actually setting prices as if competing with everybody already, online or offline, because you will set your price with an eye on what everyone else is asking. The situation you are dreading is already reality. Hmm, are you saying that as long as supply is greater than demand the actual ratio does not matter? Because that is definitely
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