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  1. Is that not the point of this rework? To make Hydroid relevant again?
  2. Looks like a rework that will put Hydroid back on the map for players gauging everything via Steel Path and efficiency. Seems pretty powerful, but that's kind of not really a concern for many of us; that's the sort of thing we want to see, is a frame who can compete with the META Did you work Pilfering Swarm in there somewhere? The Kraken could spit out extra drops
  3. I hear ya. The ability to take it chill can be a reward for the time we’ve spent; it’s like “You fought through all of this to reach this point where you can just enjoy being overpowered”. And then if that gets stale, we can just jump back into the fray as a fighter with perhaps the same equipment but a different build. I haven’t looked back since I’ve stopped overpowering everything, but you can bet I had some fun times with being a demigod, and if I start getting bored of fighting, I’ll have the option to jump back onto the golden throne of power. As an aside, how often have I wished that games like Guild Wars and WoW would let me re-experience the early areas without just waltzing through. Some of my fondest memories were formed from the actual struggle of being a new character fighting through an area. Sometimes I’d recreate a character just to re-experience that. If I could mush Warframe’s amazing mod system into either of those games, I would absolutely be playing them more when I don’t feel like a third-person space pirate ninja shooter, because I can choose the way I engage with the content. I love the amount of options we get in Warframe
  4. Can’t argue with that. SP is broken compared to the rest of the game; some abilities which could be strengthened to be decent damage dealers in the main game just fall completely off to the wayside. Steel Path is a bit of nuke or be nuked
  5. If all you’ve known was “Nuke or be nuked”, I can understand where your “Warframe has no game design in its fights” stance is coming from
  6. I would have to partially disagree with the idea that the whole point was to make the game chill. As we progress it’s not like mods get glued into the slots or whatever; everything is swappable. Nothing intrinsically gets stronger except a ranking Warframe. Mastery of mechanics will only get us so far until we start equipping options to increase our stats just to meet the enemy, but those stats can be ever-shifting according to what we choose to equip. As we progress, we get the option to make the game chill That’s why I’m curious to try Wukong (need more nitain apparently 😑); players are saying he’s boring, and I’m thinking they’re building him wrong. Build a thing to make content boring easy, and content will be boring easy
  7. Got a point there. Bring a melee weapon that solves all the problems in a mission on its own (and maybe a whole lot of survival to let the melee weapon solve all the problems without fear of getting shot to pieces), and it’s kind of “Gonna choose whether death by drowning or death by blending”. Personal preference without reliance on the ability itself
  8. You’re not one of the ones embracing the power creep?
  9. How are you currently going about it, @Novalodic? There might be something that can be adjusted in the approach
  10. 🤔 Personally, while I understand the desire to lessen the grind and am of the impression that “I ground for it, you need to too” is a toxic view, I feel like the Hema will be a sort of thing that I can slowely chip away at using whatever bits of… what was it, mutagen samples? I’ve contributed most of the resource to our two-person clan so far but am not in any particular hurry, so I’ve forgotten what it takes. Whatever random bits I find in missions. I can contribute that to the research and eventually unlock it, and it gives me another vague over-arching goal. If the grind is made easier, great news for someone who wants the Hema. I got lots of other things to play with while I wait, and if I had access to it right now, that’d be just another toy in the toybox
  11. Uselessness Syndrome (US). A common affliction of mods, weapons, Arcanes, pets, Schools, Warframes, game mechanics, k-drives, 🤔 my off-the-top-of-my-head list is tapering off, but I’m certain there’s still things to list as Useless. US is a disease commonly associated with (but not limited to) chasing efficiency over playing the game. It’s perpetually with us and is a part of everything we do, like the common cold virus, but sometimes it flares up so much that the effects of it spills out of us and into forums where we start trying to convince other people that a thing is useless, don’t bother wasting your time before you’ve even tried it, let me save you hours of grind because you’re not going to have fun using this inefficient thing, it’s in your best interest that you don’t bother trying this thing because it’s objectively not worth the effort and DE really should change it to be better.
  12. If you could address the in-mission interplay of equipment brought to a mission, that’d be cool too. Wouldn’t require number crunching or anything, just something like “This Lex makes for a solid compliment to a Boar shotgun” or something; what we bring to a mission can require each piece of equipment complimenting each other according to resistances or weapon type or situation, so your experience with having to switch between primary, secondary, and melee in-mission to make up for a different weapon’s shortcomings can be valuable
  13. Haha. I can’t help but feel I missed conveying what I meant, but I guess good luck. It would probably be good to add a disclaimer or something describing how you tend to play the game, so that anyone reading it can be like “Yeah, this sounds similar to how I play, the descriptions of weapons will be applicable to me”
  14. Cool cool. I meant like, are the weapons overtuned enough to be the main solution to any fight? That tends to be the case, which means newbies and anyone looking for a fight should take a guide like this with a grain of salt, since they’ll still be dealing with situations where (example) resistances come into play or AoE isn’t always the answer, and the idea of a hard carry from a single piece of equipment isn’t really a thing
  15. Is this from a perspective of each weapon carries the player through a mission on its own, or…?
  16. I can’t help but feel that in the realm of expectation set by demigod power and the pervading idea of “Why would I use this inefficient thing instead of this efficient thing”, Hydroid, like many other things in this game, suffers from Uselessness syndrome. With such a strong logical argument of Efficiency in favour of gatekeeping options, sometimes things will fall to the wayside, and as a result there’s simply a lot less options to pick from, and then there’s a desire for the game to add more choices that caters to the Efficiency argument. And then DE adds something like Yareli. Whoops, what a misstep on their part 😋. Maybe Hydroid can be made better than her (read: efficient)
  17. This kind of sentiment confuses me a little. ”Why not take [insert piece of equipment here]” comes across oddly, because we can only bring a handful of things to a mission, and sometimes it’s a matter of simply wanting to use something else instead of the most efficient option. Or is this like a suggestion in case someone hadn’t considered Nekros?
  18. It’s easy enough to jump onto an actual k-drive instead of the k-drive prototype, though. And it sounds like Merulina would just make things easier, instead of making her necessary? 🤔 Although making things easier would make Merulina necessary. Personally I prefer the simplicity of “Merulina to float around tilesets (which I really enjoy doing at the moment) and possibly toodle around open worlds, k-drive to do actual races and take mods”. Even if Yareli was the inspiration for k-drives, I feel it’s okay if the Ventkids made improvements and created a piece of equipment that can take mods
  19. 🤔 And yet I’m gonna go ahead and ask. You are of course free to be absolutely inarguably undeniably correct in your speculation as a long-time veteran of the game who knows how it should work (a stance which seems birthed from an idea that Steel Path is the one true gamemode worth considering, or something). And I already told you those ideas off the top of my head were not going to be defended by me, so go ahead and argue against them to your heart’s content in your previous post. I skimmed your responses. You have given me something additional to consider though; the impact on arcanes or mods that would normally be blocked by Iron Skin. If we can recast at will, I’m wondering what kind of effect it will have on those (perhaps there’s a reason they were designed to not be triggered while Iron Skin is active, perhaps not. gotta test)
  20. Whaaaaa? That’s crazy-talk! 🤔….could it be true, though? Hm. This might upend the very concept of “Multiplayer grinds faster”. Oh wait, unless you’re referring to jerks who go off on their own adventures and have their own fun to the detriment of a group who’s efficiently grinding? In which case I can see how that works
  21. Cool cool, I’ll note down your build for any referencing required 👍
  22. Ah yeah, re-reading it I can see the confusion now. I get ya, thanks for clarifying Yeah. Core power. I honestly thought you were implying that you’ve done Arbitrations or Sorties with core power, which would have been impressive, haha. Hm. I’m going to do some testing to see what the difference is when actually engaged in a mission’s fight
  23. Wait, what does this mean? Why is “Unmodded” in quotes?
  24. Alright, so an unmodded weapon. What about an unmodded weapon… and an unmodded Rhino? You’re like, one step removed from what I was talking about in regards to seeing Iron Skin for what it is as a core ability at a core powerlevel. If you’re invincible in the Star Chart, all the way up through Sorties or Arbitrations, there’s some sort of modding or benefit going on there, right? You gotta start at the start to understand where we’re all coming from in regards to a change that will permeate up through whatever personal combinations we have. It’s going to be hard to get an understanding of how well the foundation is holding up when there’s all this pretty carpet and whatever between you and said foundation
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