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  1. Same here just some more bullS#&$ to a bullS#&$ game. It's right up there with everything in the pavlov spy mission being monochrome colors and the entrance to a terminal is a super small hole in a wall you would never go because it's just the same S#&$ decor as the rest. Only to be outdone that if you actually get a terminal you now have to pray the doors sont big and lockdown for no reason. Markers that point to dead ends. Mobs are off the chain on aggro in outside worlds and being aimbotted by a guy on the ground when I'm in orbit on my arch wing is truly game making perfection. Graphics still blow too, dropping to sub 480p on a #*!%ing handheld .dunno what you need to say to Nintendo but performance is awful and at this point it prolly shouldn't be on switch at all. Why buy anything cosmetic if all your settings are on 0 and you dont see S#&$ anyway. It's nice too that for some magic reason I cant see my clan or be invited by people.the only solution for this is to d/c from the internet and then reconnect. WHAT IS YOUR MALFUNCTION with not having a central server, person to person games hosting is bullS#&$.2005 called ring ring this is a S#&$ty way to do this. S#&$ even the Chinese game gunZ dont do this and it's just pvp only version of wf gameplay wise. No explanation of what a puzzle even means. At what point in pavlov am I supposed to realize I need to wall hang on a plate and chase an orb across a chasm shooting it as I jump from plate to plate . EVERYTHING is for some reason some unexplained #*!%ing mystery that you cant even give us the barest hint. OH YEA AND THE PORNOGRAPHIC REGION CHAT. #*!% ALL I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE SAYING THEY USE IT AS A SEX CHAT LINE FROM THIER MOMS OLD PHONE. IF THEYRE USING MOMS OLD PHONE HOW OLD DO YOU THINK THEY ARE?. NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE DOING THAT S#&$. FIX YOUR GAME . MONITOR CHAT FOR REAL BECAUSE THAT S#&$ IS OFF THE CHAIN. STOP PUSHING CONTENT WHEN YOU CANT FIX AND POLICE WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR GAME . CHEERS #*!%ERS
  2. even better fails you after an hour. GG I want the last hour of my life back.
  3. Title says it all. I'd upload the screenshot of the map but I guess you guys dont allow that and I dont care enough to open an imgur account.if you gonna have random tile set maps that are intentionally terrible at least make sure they can be finished.
  4. 13wave defense in complete darkness in tram industrial underground its bullS#&$ even with my brightness at max in game and on my switch you cant see nothing
  5. So the solution is to play with a 1000ping naw not a solution.
  6. I dunno what the "gift" is because this event is uncompletable.running around in darkness for an hour is NOT FUN. I dunno what you guys think is fun but this isint it's just an exercise in patience Yet again you guys need to do so.ething about server population and performance on the switch or just pull the game completely 4 people in a group means 5fps #*!% that S#&$
  7. This game is dead on switch. The hubs are ghost towns. No one is ever in matchmaking for anything except events and even then the most I ever saw was 10 for the dev stream. I have soloed almost every multiplayer based objective map. This isint fun . It looks nice but its lonely. There needs to be something done about this. Pvp is nonexistent you do ctf solo big woop.
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