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  1. Straga27

    Warframe Builder

    Its back now for me too, thanks for the feedback! Its nice to see a developer who takes notice when stuff goes wrong. I've also been using your site for quite a while as its really good. Keep up the good work.
  2. Straga27

    Warframe Builder

    Still the same
  3. Straga27

    Warframe Builder

    Hang on, I'm not suggesting you didn't need to change around the DNS settings, I'm just saying that it looks like a site level problem as its directing me to the French version of the hosting site rather than the English version. I assume the only reason it would do that is because the original creator of the website (you) either rented the server in a French datacenter or made a French account on The page looks like a page you see after buying a domain is all.
  4. Straga27

    Warframe Builder

    I'm getting this as well on my PC. When I try and visit the site on my phone using an entirely different connection the website refuses my connection then jumps to the same page eventually. I already flushed my DNS cache as suggested but the fact its showing up on my phone using my 4G connection as well makes me think its the site that has something wrong with it, as if the site hosting hasn't been paid or something.