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  1. The tekko one is something that i caught in the chat while looking for a riven for atlas.I coudn’t test the tekko one as the seller coudn’t tell me the stats on the tekko The riven stats match between link and linked build as the crit chance caught my eye, what looked strange is the crit chance %. Based on semlar riven calc is imposible for a weapon with 1.30 riven dispo to have that much crit chance(1.30 caps at 318%)however it’s posible for for normal tekko(1.40) hence i added on the list.
  2. Some rivens are not changing values based on the variant of weapons they are added from. Example: Ankyros riven -Default Ankyros: 278.9 Damage/181.5 Toxin - 95.3 finisher damage . Riven dispo 1.5 -Ankyros Prime: 278.9 Damage/ 181.5 Toxin - 95.3 finisher damage. Riven dispo 1.45 Similar situation Tekko Prime. Weapons affected so far: Ankyros Prime, Tekko Prime might be others
  3. Acolytes stop spawning after 1 hour when playing gara. Attached photos with the no of steel essence(i had booster). Warframe: Gara(the only one that used where the acolytes stop spawning) Node: Taveuni Also,might be weird that I haven’t seen any kuva guardian https://ibb.co/gtqvQ3N https://ibb.co/c2FFmdF
  4. Warframe is not a competitive game so it can’t be really changed to pay to win.However we might see more time gating,RNG layers and a mixture of those ( invigorations are a good example) to make you pay or grind Harrow/Nidus levels of rng. I’d rather have an updated companion app to have more access to basic functions like riven reroll,access to shop etc. Meanwhile i’ll wait for the mobile version to drop just to see the trolls blinding mobile users with Vauban or Mirage. Duviri paradox will be available on samsung fridge😂
  5. Will there be any talk regarding invigorations?The system was dumped in the game without taking into account the feedback from the dev workshop…and even after release the feedback from the feedback megathread regarding the OP buffs and RNG was not addressed.
  6. It’s not like the segment is hard to get, the issue with demand for invigoration shouldn’t be a problem if everyone can get it reliable and use it based on need the reason that it gets mentioned a lot is because it involves a lot of RNG. I’d rather have DE take into account a change into a more reliable system that they take into account when balancing rather than balancing weapons/warframes based on an RNG making the affected items bad when they are not buffed (The way it is with some weapons and rivens). Right now is way to unreliable and the invigorations are offering too much(Weapon damage buffs) creating an advantage for the ones that got “lucky”. It’s a broken system that will create ripples for a long time and personally i’d rather see it changed soon rather than being ignored for another 2 years and then slowly affecting other parts of the game already existing or to be added. Just picture the new war being launched and people rushing it in less than 30 mins just because they had a warframe that had melee invigoration that week.
  7. The way invigorations are right now is a a complete mess with a lot of out of context RNG and buffs that have nothing to do with warframes The issue is not that the invigorations will become mandatory day 1, but give it time until the whole playerbase will start abusing the invigorations and they will become the norm. The biggest offender of the whole system is the weapon buff,the system was marketed as “buff your warframe” and 75% from the invigoration buffs are related to weapons. Just a short recap of invigoration issues: 1) Weighted chances for popular warframes to show and the long time you need to get the frame you want(yes you might play all the frames but you might have some that you actually have fun,or maybe don’t feel like playing hydroid for the 3rd week in a row becuase he got that 200% melee and is stupid op) 2) Buffs,extremely imballanced,they were supposed to affect the frame but most of them are just arsenal buffs. 3)Free invigoration- is just a trap as is ment to replace one of the invigorations,want to infuse range and efficiency in a warframe and you din’t get that week,bad luck 4)Control,it’s literally 3 layer RNG and rhe only thing you can control are the resources- kinda goes against DE’s code How could it be improved: Remove the weapon buffs- it’s already overkill,add 200% buffs across everything to the point where nothing requieres a single brain cell to kill Keep only the warframe buffs and reduce the effects, seriously strenght infused chroma or baruul can end the new war before it begins Reduce the buffs % but allow us to select the buffs,make it refreshable instead of rng
  8. It will ruin the game and the system sucks is still the same. Invigoration could have been the end game customization for dedicated player to get more power or other stuff yet it’s a mess. The issues: 1) Although the warframes are picked at “random”, they actually have invidual rates so some frames can show up multiple times.You get hydroid first invigoration,you can actually get it for the next 3 weeks just because DE says that x5 jump will fix it 2)If you don’t have all the frames combat ready,you can’t actually try it,by the time you finish the build you have half of the invigoration left,and after that you lost 5 forma trying to make a frame you don’t usually play usable 3) Buffs, make no sense,the system is ment to boost warframes yet since i installed the system,my invigoration were either primary/secondary boost,x5 jumps and 2-3 stats adjustments 4) Free invigoration - is not a separate one where you pick your frame,you sit on the chair and choose what invigoration you want.You replace one of the current week frames,maybe you wanted to see a 600 range limbo just for the lulz…if none of the current week invigoration has range…bad luck 5)Time, 3 weeks just to see what you get in the forth and if the stars allign you get the right invigorations from which you can choose one The good: 1)It could be could if it was redesigned from the ground up and woudn’t be a 3 layer rng system that is used as an excuse for De not to rework frames I’d rather give all the resources to that chair to allow me to choose my invigorations and the duration so i spice the game however i want rather than logging in every monday to invigorate hydroid and the friends
  9. Invigorations are the abomination of this patch…The reasoning behind the implementation was that it will help the underplayer warframes. So after you build that garbage you realise that besides the Time gated RNG of warframe you also have RNG ON THE BUFFS THE SELECTED WARFRAME GETS…Meaning that if you get hydroid you can get x 5 jump or +2 energy regen or +1000 Armor,basically your bad warframe can still be bad but now it has improved energy for a week yaaay. The fact that it doesn’t revolved around the sacrificed warframes as the whole helmith system is centered around that it’s stupid. Adding cost for placing a warframe on the chair for the sake of doing an invigoration is atrocious. Tbh this system made me remember the stream when DE Steve was complaining about people using simulacrum too much and not experiencing the game .This system looks like an idea implemented on a simulacrum by someone with no game knowledge or goal in mind. It looks like a system ment to have as much RNG as possible…
  10. What is wrong with the kuva damage reductions,at level 4 you feel like you fight a wall…i feel so bad to actually fight with your kuva now.
  11. Sorry if i created confussion, i was reffering to invigorate said warframe you need to have them first. If you had the warframes and sacrificied them for helmith…it’s back to farming another set to make sure you keep your invigorations up To get to the 10th invigoration faster you need to have all the frames at the same time to reduce the chance of missing invigoration that translates in warframe slots + refarming all the annoying warframes
  12. Before i start, if your parents didn’t teach you maners please stop using the forum. With that aside, again it’s 3 frames with abysal playrates that rely on those skills to get things done at the same rate as melee will be impacted by any change. What diversity are you talking about? Spamming e is diversity,as i expained previously these warframes replace your melee with a skill.If you still don’t understand,you are asking for a stastick nerf in order to spam E instead of 1….that’s it. All the warframes can use primary and secondary weapons…is that they cannot use the same combo(Co+Br+WW) like the rest of the weapons….that is diversity,you have it,you have 40 warframes to choose from that provide you that said diversity you want,but focus on these 3 that are special because they don’t fit your playstyle is just wrong. Calling someone elitist in this situation is wrong on so many levels.My advice is to play the frames and understand their kit. Lastly you’re using the term diversity wrong. Diversity = a range of different things Example: All warframes using melee weapons moded for CO+BR+WW - is not a diversity Some warframes using obscure weapons built differently while the other warframes use the standard CO+BR+WW - diversity, and at the same time minority Give atlas a shot and invest in him and you’ll be surprised that you don’t need melee weapons.
  13. Yeah all the exalted weapons were changed so they can be moded…that’s why the same exalted weapons are afected by this nerf,that’s why the same exalted weapons can’t use all the mods. Tbh the skills have their own scaling. Atlas fists have their own combo Khora’s whip scales with mod and acumulatong whipclaw(hitting enemies) Gara doesn’t scale to anything This melee tradeof you are talking makes no sense and is not like shield gating. You are requiered to mod a weapon in order to affect a skill that acts like a weapon…the skill becomes the weapon how hard can it be? Both khora and atlas mod just enhance their kill potential….And please tell me how someone mods for acumulating claw which is a has a hitting enemies condition? Are you insane? Atlas (0.10%),Gara(0.89%) and Khora(3.38%) according to https://www.warframe.com/2020stats . Excluding Khora which is the most used warframe for farming steel path the rest just barely seen the light of day…and what exactly these warframes dominate,come on Brozime? Really? If you need Brozime to tell you how these changes will affect the game you still have a long way until you understand stasticks and the role of the 3 frames that use them. What’s funny is that you don’t actually know when i joined,and as all the other wf players want to validate their point compare the hours spend ig like it equals with experience.I know warframe’s history,I was there when it was written including the dark times when revives were 3 plat. I’m not accusing,it’s a statement.You don’t actually understand the difference between shattered lash, landslide,whipclaw and the rest of exalted melee the same way you don’t understand how the changes will impact said warframes.Try to invest some time into building and exploring these warframes,not all warframes need to have the 0 modding complexity
  14. Again,you don’t understand the way the statstick frames are meant to be played. Stastick frames are casters,if played right you don’t need to use any weapon. It’s 3 warframes…is doesn’t affect the health of the game you have close to 50 to choose from…asking for changes on frames that you don’t understand on the other hand,is not healthy for the game
  15. You won’t be playing if statsticks abilities would get a different slot. Think for a second how those warframes work,you woudn’t pay just a forma tax you would pay around 50% if not even more tax on damage output. Just because the frame does not play you want it doesn’t mean is a bad design At least stat sticks make really bad weapons used and wanted. They are pretty cheap if your not looking into min maxing…you can get a groll statstick riven for 100 plat if you’re looking at any riven over 1.3 dispo In conclusion Changing statsticks will bring the warframes that are created around them to their knees next to hydroid.The damage loss can’t be balanced through number pumping Rivens and statsticks are another layer of moding,it allows you to optimize change and adapt(something that exalted weapons don’t). If you don’t like a warframe as it has a statstick skills there are 50 frames to choose from…
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