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  1. Ah, thx. Must've missed them when they got added. Has been a few years since I wrote the Clan's website.
  2. Agreed. I used to have Alerts, Invasions and Outbreaks on my Clan's homepage, and it often gave us a reason to actually log in. Sometimes we ran into one another doing just that and then ended up playing more, when we didn't have anything planned per sé. Now Alerts are gone, which has very notably diminished logins for myself and several of my clannies. Having the ability to add at the very least the timers for the Day/Night cycle would make it easier for us to coordinate and meet up for an Eidolon Hunt. Yes, Warframe Hub has it. But I want it on my Clan's webpage, and I can't seem t
  3. My questions: - A long time ago, when Wyrm and Shade were the only Sentinels, there was mention ( during Devstreams ) of Sentinels possibly hacking things for us. Has this been abandoned, forgotten, or just a low priority? - Why do we give samples of Orokin technology ( Forma, Potatoes, Prime parts ) to Syndicates/Baro Ki'Teer? How does this maintain the Balance? Please give me a lore-related reason to do this, even if only a little ingame queue of the Lotus giving me the OK to help out these Syndicates and/or Baro Ki'Teer.
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