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  1. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Warframe Prime Time #231: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Consider streaming afterwards if your objective is to get more viewers. You can thank me later.
  2. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Warframe Prime Time #231: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    They always do Prime Time on Thursdays at 7 PM Eastern unless otherwise stated.
  3. Yeah, that's a bad idea. It's like asking for a law to be passed that would be incredibly tough to enforce. Also, before you had to worry about using archwings on the Plains, I preferred to pull out one of the mining tools and try to get some minerals or gems on the way to the next bounty or to and from the gate. Considering that we have Archwings and K-Drives to skip a lot of those and a lot of time between missions, it might not matter as much to some, but I still either get minerals while waiting for people to show up in a squad or when I'm near the elevator on the way back from completing a bounty.
  4. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Disable Squad leave for host.

    Find a clan that runs bounties often. You can thank me later.
  5. Where most bounties are located This is resurrecting an older thread, but it's still very relevant. I can't tell you how many times I've ran bounties at the enrichment labs, the grow site, central maintenance, or even the hillside just south of the Fortuna gate, and yet I can tell you how many times I've ran bounties at the Spaceport (once,) Temple of Profit (none,) the Reflector Control (none,) or any other area on the outskirts of the vallis- rare if any others at all. I think this problem should be able to be fixed, but who knows if it will be- I enjoy helping people out on the game now that I'm at the Old Mate rank, but I really hope that implementing a change like this would alleviate some repetition in the bounties. At the moment, there is a good reason why people get more Calda Toroids than the other two, and having bounties in the other major bases would alleviate that issue.
  6. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #230!

    Yeah, no drop for me either. Watched it in its entirety. Account is properly linked and has received at least one drop before.
  7. (PS4)warezIbanez

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    Thanks, I noticed this issue last night. Good thing I was playing as Nekros then to alleviate that issue.
  8. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Conservation Tweaks

    I definitely agree about the sound delay- it might give players that don't have Ivara or Banshee a fighting chance to get more than one Pobber. Bolarolas can also be troublesome to use the tranq on; however, the projectile's elevation drops off starting from a short distance of around 40m, so that could potentially help in hitting its belly from the front. I don't think I've had the glow issue on the animals, but perhaps others have. I can agree with this or allowing the animal to spawn further away, plus it can be tough to tranq any animal if they spawn downwind from you (especially if you were already downwind from the bait.)
  9. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Conservation repeatedly failing due to Corpus spawning

    I would also add that the conservation target(s) can spawn downwind despite you already being downwind, meaning you are much more likely to be detected by the target(s) and thus the target(s) are prone to being provoked as soon as they spawn and thus likely to flee soon after.
  10. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Vega Toroids, Why Don't They Drop?

    I haven't tried to get any since the latest hotfix, but prior to it I had gotten into a squad that had a Nekros Prime and we had farmed about sixteen (!) Vega Toroids in maybe an hour. If you know about farming resources, you probably know that Nekros, Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm, and Ivara are going to be your best bet, though Ivara might be better for solo farming yet still energy intensive. We had gotten most of the Toroids in the furthest section inside of the Spaceport, but I've also had success in the exterior section.
  11. (PS4)warezIbanez

    DE nerfed K Drive EXP?

    I would add that it takes a while for the stunt tally to trigger, as it certainly seems that I can pull a quick flip without any points awarded. If this was a """stealth fix,""" it's one that's not going to make many people happy, and instead of doing that in the future (yet again,) they need to go back and look at how points are tallied in games like the Tony Hawk games or the Skate games (or other skateboarding or even snowboarding games) and tailor their system to be closer to those.
  12. (PS4)warezIbanez

    AFK in fortuna

    I disagree- I've played other games with larger squads that allowed for people to kick others out, and there were numerous situations where groups of people would kick me and/or other solo members out of the squad with no reasons given.
  13. (PS4)warezIbanez

    [NSW] Can we have a "unstuck" button on the missions?

    Yeah, I would try typing /unstuck in your chat window to (hopefully) be teleported out of geometry. Sometimes it doesn't work, but often times it does.
  14. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Bollarolla capture, what the hell ?

    Ivara or Banshee (her passive silences her weapons) seem to be the best bet.
  15. (PS4)warezIbanez

    Found all 30 caves but still no achievement (Fortuna)

    Same problem here- I've ventured through all 30 caves and yet the game has registered that I have gone through only 29. And yes, I have discovered and gone into the smallest caves (one east of the Reflector Control and the third cave to the Southwest of Temple Fabrication.